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what engine oil should i use?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by bikenewbie, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone, new to this site as well as motorbikes. Having said that, hope people will answer my stupid questions. :oops:

    Anyway, I just bought a 2004 Suzuki GS500K6, and wondering what engine oil do most of yous use? i.e. what brand and what grade? All my frds are telling me all different brands, but none of them owns a bike (shouldnt be asking them for advice lol).

    So it would be very helpful that is anyone can give me some advice on brand names, grades as well as a rough price.

    Thanks in advance :)

  2. Don't know the w rating you need. Find that in your owners manual or wait for someone else to reply. But pretty sure a 10-40w will work. like motul 5100
  3. +1 Semi-Synth That one has Ester in it as well.

    Avoid fully synthetic oils, I've read somewhere the clutch plates don't like it... they erode.
  4. What the manufacturer recommends!! If you don't have a manual to tell you, look it up on the interweb.
  5. got it, thx guys.

    But which brand is good? Is Mobil good(let alone the price, coz i was told once its the best).

    And where can i get it? just stores like Supercheap, Autobarn and Repco? or any other dedicated stores?

    Thanks again.
  6. Castrol, whatever.

    Once you've figured out what grade of oil the manufacturer recommends, it's more important to have the right amount and change it often enough, than to have the right brand.

    /ring your mechanic and ask what they use.
  7. Do a search - this topic gets debated passionatley ad infinitum!

    I use general automative oil: Valvoline XLD Premium 20-50w. Around $23 for 5L. Plus one to Bonk, regular changes and checks are more important.
  8. My bike spent most of it's life on an expensive fully synthetic motorcycle specific oil, I can assure you it does not harm the GS in any way.

    I decided it was too expensive, so now I just use Caltex Delo 400. It costs about $35 for 5 litres, which is pretty damn good.
    I think it's the same(ish) as Shell Rotella, which is highly reccommended.

    Theres a lot of good reading on www.gstwins.com
  9. Exactly. They are all produced to a standard. And as long as it's the correct one that the manufacturer recommends then there should be no issues.

    Same with petrol. If the manual says "91 RON or higher" or "95 RON or higher" then go with that.
  10. i used that stuff on my GN250

    although i could probably run anything on that bike and it would make no difference.
  11. 10/40 castrol diesel
  12. to be specific. Castrol Delo 400. this is the one with supposedly the good additives without too much friction modifiers ect.

    Im using it. just about to put the 2nd batch in (cause i have 3l left)

    To be honest i havent been to impressed with it. its a thicker oil which seems to cause a bit of noise on cold start untill the oil is up to temp and spread around the engine. especially in the melb winter

    Im tempted to keep using it, not because of the price difference as its really only prevalent if you buy a 20l drum. and the cost of my bike per year is almost $6,000 and less than $200 of that is oil.

    I just want to test it out and see what the engine life is like. at the moment im on 500km/week and appart from the startup noise (which is a little concerning really) there is no noticable difference in feel except maybe clunkier gear changes.
  13. ive found it to work ok. but yeah the start up is a chug for about 3 seconds. smooth as after that
  14. i am a harsh critic. i'll keep using it for another 6,000 at least and then make a decision about whether i can commit to a 20L drum.

    7 oil changes is about 40,000kms for me and thats a pretty long investment... id use it in the fazer and any bike like that (next roadie will probably be a bandit), but i wouldnt use it in a serious single.
  15. fair call too. ive tried all sorts but have found this to be a combination of what i want from oil..
  16. I've been using Valvoline 15-40 diesel oil in my GS500 and am happy with it.
  17. Wow, very surprised to hear that. I found that the gearbox improved dramatically after using Delo. I think I recall a couple of others suggesting the same. What weight oil is specified for your bike? Does the clunkiness go away when the bike is hot?
  18. same here port. my shifts are much better and considering the oil in my bike is lucky to see 2500kms it not a case of old oil
  19. again, im being a little harsh. the fazer gear box is so damn clunky in the first 2 gears anyway. but there was definetly no improvement

    do others experience the ticking on startup? it does concern me a little....but im happy to test its effects now on this bike and see how it goes as over my life riding bikes it should be worth it if its any good
  20. yeah i too have felt the fazer box and yeah it feels like a harley. i had nothing but better changes, less engine noise and overall happiness. not that o would think it an issue but maybe the i4 of the FZ doesnt take deisel oil as well but it shouldnt make a differance... hmmm. guess if it doesnt like it then its not the go.. got me thinking.