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What else do you spend your discretionary income on?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Justin Stacks, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Besides motorbikes and motorbike accessories, what other hobbies take up the rest of your discretionary income?

    • Luxury watches
    • Poker
    • Wine

  2. Whores will have their trinkets
  3. Books, videogames, gym stuff (supplements, etc.)
  4. I skip the trinkets for whores and just go for the whores.
    Seriarsly, I jyst think of what else I can get for the bike. Plus Bluesfest ticket, other concerts, heading out on a Sat night etc.
  5. If it's for the bike you can't go wrong with suspension and brake upgrades
  6. I've got a fairly serious photography hobby going... I've spent enough in the last 3 years that I could have bought another motorbike instead.
  7. my 3d printer
    going out to the movies
    million and one projects i have going that are not motorbike ones
  8. i dont spend it? no wonder no-one can afford a house these days...every bastard is spending every last cent
  9. Photography
  10. Skydiving
    video games
    nerd shit

    Used to play poker for a second job, now i have a hard time playing for fun but I still kinda miss it.
  11. Photography
    +1 Nerd shit
  12. I''ve got a Ducati, so mainly coffee
  13. Guitars and new music. Beer for fishing and surf boards.
    Barra in the Noosa river. Haven't landed one yet....
  14. He said discretionary money, I call that a necessity.

  15. Not to me.

    Wine and food are necessities, beer is an added bonus, optional, to get me through the day when I'm not riding.
  16. "I spend all my money on bikes, petrol, oil and tyres. The rest I squander".

  17. Haha. George Best quote.
  18. I own 2 houses and part of a commercial property and I've got money invested plus a chunk of super and I pay my bills on time.

    Why assume just because I've got a serious photography hobby that I (or others for that matter) are spending 'every last cent'?

    (I'll admit to being a bastard but in my defense I wasn't around quite yet when that was being decided)