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What ELSE can cause an Engine to run rich? (CV carbs)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MV, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. So, my TRX is running like a pig at the moment, really rich, can't open the throttle very quickly, yada yada yada. There's a thread about the problems over here:


    I have replaced the needles & emulsion tubes, but to not much avail, it's running better, but I can't get it even close to perfect. It's doing my head in.

    The jets are standard, the don't look like they have been drilled & it's a brand new stock airfilter.... Carbs are balanced...

    I have just put some slip on cans on, but surely that would make it run leaner? :-k

    So, I'm missing something important, & I want to get some more info before I go changing jets, I thought that new emulsion tubes & needles with stock jets would fix my problem...

    Do the jets themselves wear out?

    What am I missing guys?


  2. Oh yes jets do wear!
    Does the ignition system check out?
    Can you put the stock can back on?

    EDIT: Have it tuned on a dyno if its doing your head in :wink:
  3. Ok, that's a good start!

    I replaced the can after the problems started, but yes, I can.

    Brand new spark plugs, nice big fat spark, I haven't bothered checking the electrics any further... It runs fine when cold, you can whack the throttle open pretty quick (still not 100%), enough to get the front up anyway.

    I am seriously contemplating having it Dyno'd, but paying someone else to work on my bike is offensive on many fronts! :LOL:

    (Any idea how much it should cost?)
  4. Check to see if the choke is sticking on,if its flooding slightly it will run rich,crap under the needle and seat controlling carby fuel float level,have a look at the plugs,are both doing it or only one
  5. I have thoroughly cleaned the carbs, checked for sticking floats, set the float level, & the choke seems to be working correctly.

    It seems to be both cylinders, both of the old plugs were black & oily/sooty.
  6. needle and seats or check for hole in a float...
  7. slip on cans can make it run rich, but they usually only make it run rich over a small rev range, down low i think. I guess it all depends on the bike and cans.
  8. That's interesting, it IS running rich down low mainly. I'll try the standard cans tonight!
  9. Check float height/fuel level.
  10. Have set float height, but the float needles could still be sticking right? How do you check that?
  11. give your angine some e, should help it out.

    Ok I have nothing useful to add.
  12. Thank you Geeth, poor spelling & grammar will be the downfall of modern man one day! :wink:
  13. hehe, I only dare to comment on little things like that because my posts are pretty bad. :p
  14. There fixed :)

    Dont know about costs but there's a price to pay for sanity :eek:
  15. I think I might just take your advice on that one!