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What dual purpose bike makes a good commuter?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thecptn, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. I am really in need of a practical bike that can be ridden any where, rain, hail and shine, some thing that looks good with dirt and grime on it, and I thought dual purpose bike would really fit in that niche quite well, ive done some googling, found the Yamaha XT600, now I want to know of other bikes out there of similar nature, firstly...

    Must have eletric start, be reliable, 500-600cc, and be priced within 2-3.5k in price.

  2. Old(er) Yamaha Tenere perhaps ? They can be good value and come up on Ebay quite regularly. For what you want to spend, you'd be looking at huge km's tho.
    If you can stretch your budget even slightly (ie, $5000) I think you'll find you'll get a LOT more bike
  3. DR650, much the same as the XT600.

    DR400, got the same hp as the 650 anyway, just slightly less agricultural.

    Hmm, the budget limits you. A few more bucks and you could look at some ktm's as well.
  4. Honda Dominator
    Suzuki DRZ400
  5. was going to suggest the 08 buell ulysses, just a fraction out of the price range though :LOL: has rave reviews as now being one of the best dual purpose bikes
  6. Close.....I know of a 1995 Dominator, goes fine for $4,000 with rego expiring in November - will re-register for an extra $500

    PM me if interested

  7. All very nice bikes there, problem is I dont have the cash as of yet, how ever, I do have a very nice XS650 up for grabs at the moment, will consider swaping bikes! pm me if any one is keen, dominator looks very tempting! ill keep me eyes peeled!
  8. or for $4500 (stupid stupid price) there's a Husqvarna SMR450 that I know of. If you don't mind changing oil and air filters, it'll leave you with a smile a foot wide.
  9. ahhh..so tempting! :LOL:
  10. this one is in Melbourne but at that price and that recent and those kms...
  11. It's cheap cos it's so ugly. :p
  12. I have decided for the time being to get the DR650, from the reviews its had, it seems to be a very robust all round bike, plus side it can do freeway speeds with ease, ive already seen a few for the price im after. :cool:
  13. You won't regret it!
  14. Yup,mate at work has one,takes it like crap...
    ...never miss's a beat...