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What drugs is Keating on ?? . . interesting idea though !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, May 24, 2007.

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  2. bloody brilliant idea. they're too isolated in canberra and putting them in sydney would get them even further away from melbourne ... just how i like it :wink:
  3. They should move it to EDEN, where it was supposed to be in the first place.. We'll check out locations for the parliament next month, aren't we Micky :p
  4. Nah, they can have it!

    The politicians will blend in much better in Sydney!

    I'm sure you can ALL figure out why! :LOL:

    Pooh goes back to his humble cave! :)
  5. I am on a kawasaki forum as well as this one, which is a US based and run forum.

    Everyone who doesn't investigate thinks Sydney IS the capitol already.

    I can't see the logistics of it working very well, plus the Gov will never make the move though. cause we all know that all the ministers go and solicit some "services" (legal in the act) and then go and let off some fireworks to celbrate the "event"

    It ain't gonna happen.
  6. Re: What drugs is Keating on ?? . . interesting idea though

    It's certainly a great place to keep our politicians.
  7. Re: What drugs is Keating on ?? . . interesting idea though

    I always though an island off shore to the south should bear the brunt of that tedious institution... cold wet boring, a place where you are stuck in side with nothing really to do but work.

    Its called maquarie, for all of you who were thinking tasmania. Why spoil tasmanias roads with politicians cars and escorts...
  8. Pfft, already 99% of foreigners think Sydney is the capital.

    But no way they'd move it. The proposed site, Garden Island, is tendering for some big contracts at the moment. The funny thing is about the whole Melbourne V Sydney thing is that Melbournites are the only ones who give two shits. Anyway.

    Micky, christ knows what Paul Keating is/was smoking. Hope he goes back to drinking tea and stays out of what pathetic limelight he tries to gather.
  9. I suppose the reason that Melbournites have a problem with Sydneysiders is how insufferably tedious are their claims to be the centre of everything. At a recent explanation as to why Qantas was reducing their international flights from Melbourne, they referred to servicing 'Provincial' capitals. FFS, Sydney IS a provincial capital.

    So Melbourne with a population of 3.2 million is totally disregarded. So, at the 1996 census, Sydney with a pop of 3.83 million is important, but Melbourne isn't.
  10. Thought WFT!!! for a second when i read the caption under the picture :LOL:

    About the capital being moved. I honestly couldn't care less where they have it. The premiers comments are to stupid to justify. Unless it takes more than having the Grand Prix and Australian Open each year to make a city globally recognised...

    The only reason Melbourne might not be recognised globally is cause foreigners pronounce it mel-BOURNE. I've had to teach a few of them to say Mel-Ben and Bris-ben too.

    I've got nothing at all against Sydney, but i could easily fool people into pronouncing it sh!tney ;)
  11. Its the same for other places countries around the world, the major well known city is not exactly the capital.

    Take Brazil, people think its Rio but really its Brasilia.
    New Zealand, everyone who cares think its Auckland, but its Wellington.

    And your forgiven if you lose the $1M question on Millionaire if asked whats the capital of South Africa . . . .

    Ans . .
    Pretoria (official and administrative)
    Cape Town (legislative)
    Bloemfontein (judicial)


    I still don't get those arty Melbourne Tourism ads we see up here !
    Big balls of wool winding through the city, people running around and hiding to "run rabbit run rabbit run run run" :)lol:, love the song) and semi naked alright looking chics who have just woken up drinking latte !

    . . . . damn, now i can't get that run rabbit run rabbit run run run tune out of my head !! . . darn you VicTourism !!! :p
  12. I'm ex-Melbourne, live in Canberra: and I've got about 2 things to say:

    1. The reason APEC is in Sydney and not Canberra is (drumroll) there's not enough 5-star accommodation in Canberra for all the heads of state who attend the leaders meeting!!

    2. Moving the capital doesn't just involve moving Parliament ... there's also a few tens of thousands of public servants (and I'm talking about policy ones, not programme ones) who would need to go with it. That's not happening in a hurry!

    - Guran
  13. yeah, wont happen, what would happen to the economy of Batemans Bay on weekends ! LOL
  14. Micky, you don't get it?

    That's why you're up there..... and we're down here!!! :LOL:

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  16. Those Mel ads give me the creeps. They say that girls can run run run around like rabbits till their string runs out and there, they will find a dodgy looking guy who the second he sees the chick, is cleaning his hands from the previous blood and is preparing his lips to eat the next victim. Change the bloke with any other person you are scared of: terrorist – paedophile – Howard – teacher – boss - mechanic, and the ad takes a totally different meaning.. Maybe it's in the eye of the beholder!!!
    Anyways, the reason why Canberra exists is to separate the federal with the state. And as long as we don’t have a president to get some powers off the government, we rely on the states to keep Canberra in some control. If Canberra is to move, it would go to any of its territories like NT, or Jervis bay or Antarctica, where most of these fat blobs would be able to survive…
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    OK, OK, I admit it; these ads may be a little too subtle for Sydney people!

    Ad 1, you’d never want to leave a place and hide to stay there.

    Ad 2, you’d need a string so you don’t loose yourself while you’re dreamingly walking around.

    Ad 3, I have no bloody idea what the f#%k the Wedge is doing here??? Must have gotten a tourism visa or something!!! :rofl:

    Pooh pissing himself! :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Sydney = culture???

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    The only culture you'll find in Sydney is what grows in a petri dish... :p :LOL: :LOL:

    I was born in Sydney and I've lived in Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne.

    In order of good places to live I'd say Melbourne, Canberra and Adelaide (equal), Brisbane and a long way behind is Sydney.

    All Sydney has is the Harbour - on a good day it's glorious, on a wet grey day it's incredibly depressing. Melbourne on a wet day isn't anywhere near as bad as Sydney...
  19. That's the only kind we have down here. :wink:
  20. I have always lived in Sydney, and I hate it...

    I used to spend 4 days/fortnight in Melbourne and really enjoyed it...

    It feels like in Sydney if you go out, there are two types of people, those that think they are better than you, and those that think they had better beat you up... I liked the pub culture in Melbourne, real casual style as opposed to Sydney's bling culture...

    might be rose coloured glasses tho...

    The only advantage of having the pollies in Sydney is that they might do something about the roads.... or turn the whole city into one big roundabout...

    over and out...