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What drivers really think about you...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Apr 26, 2012.

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  1. Hey folks I'm a bit busy at the moment but keeping tabs on things just the same, so I have a favour to ask. As you come across anti motorcycling comments around the various sites where the public are discussing our new ad from the TAC, could you copy and paste them back into this thread for prosperity please. Cheers.

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  2. This one cracked me up, off 3aw

    "Oh my god. When are Australians going to understand that the poor bugger coming out of the intersection cannot possibly give way. He is looking for cars and motorcyclists and he gets a space shuttle. Obey the speed limit everyone. It is THAT simple. You selfish arseholes. Alan Quarendon Thursday 26 April, 2012 - 3:47 PM "

    8km over and we turn into selfish space shuttles
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  3. prosperity probably won't come from TAC adverts, but the comments should be preserved for posterity, that's for sure :LOL:
    j/k mate :wink:
  4. oh dear, true.

    Still, with any luck and the cooperation of Netriders who knows it could be both.
  5. Here's a few from here.

    "There is no need to ride a motor bike if they choose this over more practical modes of transport they should accept the extra safety risks"

    "It's a waste of time trying to explain safe riding to a lot of motorcyclists: (a) because for them it is not fun riding safely, (b) because they don't accept that there is any risk, and (c) because some are already so brain-dead that they can't understand the message."

    "I have the perfect solution, that results in ZERO bike accidents a year. BAN MOTORBIKES on roads Problem solved. I drive home on Monash 5 nights a week, most times its bumper to bumber, but each and every night, atleast 3 motor bikes fly through doing over 80km P/H, Just take bikes off the roads."

    "Idiots swereving in and out and trying to push in all the time. stick a knife in a toaster and what do you think will happen? PS cars have right of way they are big than you twits."

  6. Farkinel, I didn't know that. I've got a NASA bike! Awesome!
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  7. I'll say one thing..... some people deserve to be stabbed (no not all cagers... some people).
  8. I know right? I'm on e'bay buying NASA decals right now!
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  9. Heres a few from the herald sun that i posted in the other thread..

    The one from jay made me shake my head.. so when hes on the road all he's looking for is cars, nothing else.. which means he most likely doesn't even bother head checking or look for pedestrians running across the road etc.. well at least that's what it seems like by his moronic statement.
  10. I hate to admit it, but this statement is pretty accurate.

  11. This is a little gem, from some bacterial infection trying to act like a human, but with no brain.
    Car drivers, if you run over a biker, it's his fault - you don't have to worry.
    Insert semi-trailer, and car in exchange for car and bike.
    How long before car drivers would start squealing like piglets.

    This is the kind of asinine thinking going on out there.!
  12. The same excuse rapists use, "she was dressed provocatively so she deserved it"
  13. Thanks guys keep em coming. I haven't looked at VP FB yet, but considering all of the other shit their fanbois post I can imagine.
  14. Do yourself a favor Chef and check it out, some pure gold on there!!

    Keep fighting the good fight!!!
  15. I just did, it's not as bad as I thought. There is one particular muppet called Shane something on there, now he's a piece of work.

    My favourite game on there is playing spot the pig.

  16. Adam is my favorite, quoting all the good 'company' line quotes. Must be on shift!!!
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  17. i love adam! Oh and marie classic guys, always good for a friendly chat.
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  18. I hate to admit it, but you are proof that it's not just drivers that make misleading statements about motorcyclists.
  19. What's VP FB? Haven't heard of it...wouldn't mind checking it out.
  20. Just search Victoria Police in facebook, should come up with the badge.
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