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What drew you to the bike you have?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. I guess everyone has their own thought on what their bike looks like and what they like when they look at bikes, for me its the look of a machine that's barley there, something you can look at and think "Wow, how would that work?"

    I'm into Si-Fi and technology so something that looks futuristic with minimalist overtones suits me, but I was thinking maybe i see that in a lot of bikes, like the new Gixxers.. some of you might see them completely differently though.

    So my question is what do you see when you look at bikes you like?

    (maybe i shouldn't post at ten to 2 in the morning)

  2. the look...tyga kit..so love the modern sharpness. they colour...black, sexy, exotic, professional.
  3. I chose mine because it looks all weird and shit.

    Bugger all of them around. Unlike the Gix750, fireblade etc where every wog and his frog has one.
  4. Bauhaus; form = function.

    Most sportsbikes with a nice paintjob look good, but "lowest-common-denominator" marketing means a lot of good machinery looks a bit boring......the terblanche-designed 749/999 looks wierd to some folks, but i reckon mine looks like a barking bad son of a biatch

  5. Tim the toolman is my hero

    Hence an 1800 to commute with!.

    More power RR RRR
  6. Function: the ability to pillion with ease in traffic as well as on the highway
    Form: I like a naked but the bikini makes sense on something this fast
    Force: way more power and torque than I'll ever use fully - but it's nice to have it there
  7. For that you need a Katana :grin:.
  8. I chose mine simply because it was green.
  9. Fully adjustable suspension either end, mean brakes plus a slightly forward riding position because when I was buying I had a broken arse and couldn't sit back.
  10. the motor :wink:
  11. I don't see so much as hear...in my heart - my midnight hour - I hear a rebel yell!

  12. I like the futuristic look too - Aprilia Shiver does it for me.

    Love naked agressive looking Vtwins.

    As for faired, it's got to be smooth...sharp...and preferably black.
  13. An idea. One that I had when I was completely new to bikes and naive about what to expect.

    It was this: that a motorcycle ought, by it's natural definition, be the most flexible and efficient mode of powered transport available for one person.

    I used to think it would set me free to go anywhere there was any kind of road, without limitation and without excess cost.

    I was wrong of course, but I've never entirely shaken the notion that it ought to be possible to combine the functions of different kinds of motorcycles into one model that did it all. Even when I started adding functions (like, oh... track days :) ).

    My current bike is simply the closest I have yet come to embodying that ideal.
  14. my thoughts exsactly vic. every man and his dog has a cbrrrgsxrzxryzfrrrrrrrr.

    i wanted something completely different, unique and completley illogical and that scares small childeren. If i ever see another 800 single motard on the road ill eat my winter gloves. Plus it has plenty of tourqe to get the front wheel up, plenty of brakes to get the back wheel up and it tips into and holds its corners unbelievably. This thing is just a hoot to ride

    plus bastardising a quote from another thread. you meet more interesting people on a mongrel bike. everyone wants to know what it is.
  15. I chose mine because I wanted excellent suspension and brakes, a more comfortable riding position, V twin torque but I didn't want something bland...Superduke fits the bill :)
  16. Now THAT's a reason to buy a bike, none of this "ooh it looks different or it's blue and looks techno" shit. I can't believe how superficial the average rider is about bike choices.
  17. I chose my 94 cBR100F cause I was after an upgrade, it had only 1/2 the k's of my 86 FJ1100, and cause I reckoned it looked pretty cool.

    I still think the CBR100F is still one of the most asthetically pleasing bikes on the road

  18. each to their own i guess. you goto ride something that makes you happy in the pants area i reckon. mine does it for me in both the fun factor and the fact that its something a bit interesting.

    if we all bought bikes for practical reasons we would all have 250's or bandits.....not that i dont love bandits...i do :)
  19. What do I look for in a bike... It is not a car minus 2 wheels, ability to freely move through traffic. Be comfortable and to be able to carry $hit (shopping etc) or someone else with ease. Oh yeh and something that can be fun to play with too, great paint and above all else is cool and makes me happy.

    It doesn't exist, we for me in one bike anyway.

    Two bikes I had at the same time came very very close. A VFR800F and an CHR600F4i. I was my most happiest at this time, with these two bikes.

    Alas the F4i is dead, but the VFR800F is still strong and covers everything except track stuff and it isn't red or yellow.

    Long live the VFR!
  20. I was looking for something that could take me long distances without sending me to the chiropractor but it also had to have sports cred.

    The 9R was the only thing that did that and also instantly felt right the first time I swung a leg over ...plus the price was unignorable!

    Years later, I'm still happy with it.