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What Don't' You Want ? vic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mainstage, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. In your motorcycling life what don't you want ?

    I was having a conversation with a family member ( non rider ) this week and I was raging about Vic pol 'government 'tac ' etc etc .

    And they asked the question .what do you want ??

    I replied 'its not what I want ......it's what I DON'T want .

    So for me ... I don't want front number plates on my bike and pinged doing
    5k over from the front and forced to pay citylink tolls. ( they detect from the front plate )

    I don't want to be forced to wear a hi vis vest every time i ride and fined lose point's if I don't .

    and the powers that be are looking at these things... so its coming if we don't sand up and get involved.

    what about you ?? what do you see over the horizon taking away your rights and freedom on the bike .
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  2. I don't want motorcycles turned into lumps of beige junk that refuse to lean past 10 degrees, or do my braking for me whenever the onboard computer chickens out before I do. I don't want speed limited or acceleration controlled motorcycles that can't get me out of trouble when one of their road user rejects tries to get me in it.

    I don't want to be 'targeted' in the media or on the road. For sure, if they catch me doing something wrong then I'll take my reaming like a man. But this presumption of guilt mentality before I'm even pulled over is a fucking joke.

    I don't want Vicroads, Vicpol or TAC to think they know better than me on how to save my life. I don't want them to force me to obey dangerous laws and call it safety.

    I don't want Hi-Vis clothing to stop me from getting run over because I know it doesn't. Fullstop.

    I don't want mandatory gear because nobody knows the riding I'm going to do or the weather I'm going to do it in. I'll decide that for myself too thanks.

    If I decide to get a bike with technical assist I want it to be switchable, so I can decide when and where I can put it to best use. I don't want to ride a compromise, I want to ride the best engineering the future can provide.

    I don't want those Vicroads wankers to decide how to spend the extra money I have to pay to enjoy the roads they have to provide and upkeep. There are a lot of good programs and ideas that money could be spent on, but Vicroads et el will never think of them.

    I don't want to look over my shoulder every time I ride a bike simply because I'm riding a bike. I have more important things to look at.

    ....there's more, but it's good to get that off my chest.
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  3. + I Don't want to be told by other riders that I can't split, or mono, or have loud pipes ..

    fuck off it's my life.

    and oh yeah, that $50 black spot tax, I don't want to pay that bastard either.

    Thanks Mainstage .. this should run I hope....
  4. Amen brother Nobby.

    The $50 levy mate??? Do you mean the $61 TAX..... sorry, levy that goes up every year?
  5. I don't want to have to justify my choices to anyone.

    However I do want more girls squidding on bikes.
  6. Because everyone loves being woken up by a Harley farting down their street right? Have fun being deafened by your own bike.
  7. Nice chef '

    yes I had a few more myself but thought I would see the opinion's of others .. and yes $61.00 tax we all use the roads So why don't car drivers pay the tax ???

    don't get me wrong I think we pay enough and the thing should be abolished
    but If it's going in to roads ''''what are we '' the only ones using them ''
  8. I DONT want to live in Victoria... :p .. but then the way we are going the whole joint is gunna be much the same.... :(
  9. very true my friend

    we just need to see what's happening in the rest of the world.

    but for us here in vic the fight needs to start or we will be legislated off the road ..
  10. i don't worry about the future for me so much, because i won't comply, simple.
    but i worry about the future for new riders, for our kids, for the next generation.
    the fight does need to start agreed.
    should take inspiration from what the frenchies did recently. strike first. pre-emptive defense.
    it would appear the enemy is dumber than times past, perhaps new leadership or just fresh blood.
    the costly front numberplate proposal was defeated with the simplest logic previously.
    (this really does irk me a little, because perhaps appearances are not what they seem. it's baiting us. trolling, if you will.)

    cohesive, militant, unity is needed now though. all differences have to be put asside.
    we don't need any one, particular issue or agenda. we simply need to be prepared to react and respond quickly when attacked. i don't really want a union model, but nevertheless, touch one touch all and shit hits the fan can work for us, co-ordinated nationwide, eventually globally.
    perhaps a union model is neccessary. perhaps we can tweak that model and ditch the power structure. i believe it's possible because our passion allready commands equality in brotherhood. ultimately it really does, because despite differences we all share the same vulnerabilities to the man, the system.
    riding is in your blood, you know it. the fag on the pink scooter is your blood brother. sorry but it's true and you know it.
    we are all of the same breed and that breed will die out Australia wide, if attempts to cull our lifestyle in Victoria go unchallenged. we're allready on the back foot here.

    that was a good general sumary thanks chef.

    unfortunately i think we've grown numb to it all. i don't know what it will take to inspire to greater riding community. i do know all riding is allready being supressed here. i do know this is having a real effect on my life.
    i'm not paranoid or deluded (ok, maybe just a little) but it's real. they plan to cull us into eventual extinction and stop us breeding/ rearing new blood.

    personally, i'm open to any form of resistance. whatever it takes. because life without riding motorbikes... i just can't do it. theres nothing i can replace that with.

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  11. dont know what happened to the thanks button but BIG thank you :)
  12. I don't want a nanny state

  13. The frenchies protest from June 2011 - "right to ride" website and issue for motorcyclists that the EU is attempting to regulate.

    Federation des motards en colere (Frenchy angry riders website - my french is sketchy but found a translation button :D)

    Definitly worth reading the "right to ride" site and how the world of motorcycling could change if the changes are not challenged.

    The EUs website "2besafe" reports on targeting behaviours of PTW (powered two wheeled vehicles) and the research/development of countermeasures for the safety of riders. And if you think it doesnt affect us here;

    "It involves 29 partners in 14 different countries in Europe, Israel and Australia, divided among research and academic institutes, end-users associations and industrial partners"


    Just some info Ive been reading, and plenty of things "we dont want here"!
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  14. I don't want to live as a slave.
  15. Better fn roads ,the roads that have been repaired due to plumbing or road cracks etc etc are never repaired properly,whenever some maintenence has been done and completed its never as good as previously was,i drive for a living and see it more often all patchy oversized cheap slabs,i could do better myself
  16. [​IMG]

    That is GOLD MT1 and sums up the situation nicely.
  17. ^^ I'm with chef, that sheep pic is brilliant!
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  18. well done Chicken :)

    good to have all that reading in the one place .And I would suggest we all have a read and do want we can to get the word out to other bikers because a lot of people don't realize this is going on
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  19. My laptop is having a meltdown with all these reports Im reading. But knowledge is power and your correct mainstage, we dont realise what is going on, Im guilty of this as a newbie.

    Mainstage - there is a shitload more than what I posted to read, its scary!
  20. @ chicken . yes I know I read that stuff too I don't post for 2 reasons .

    1 its fu#king depressing and 2 the attitude of vic roads is that they are the world leaders in road safety and they know best..](*,) so all the information we put in front of them from other countries to prove our point is just disregarded . so I think we need to come at this from a different perspective .Vic roads are advising the government .. So what about going straight to government . I'm thinking about writing to your local PM and also your local newspaper .believe it or not they read these things .

    because what we are doing doesn't look to be working .??

    somewhere on here theres a post about Brendan Nelson and letter writing to your local member . will see what I can find