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What DON'T you like about your motorbike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by charoli, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Let's be honest here, a lot of advice on forums (Netrider included) are biased. People over-rate their brand/model, which is fair enough and I guess just human nature. You've spent your hard-earned money on particular item, you've got emotional attachment to it - why would you right it off???

    Let's be honest and give some criticism about your current ride. Hopefully it will help others in choosing a particular bike. Make sure you tell us what make/model you have to make future searches easier for others.

    I'm riding a K5 GS500. It's my first bike, so didn't really know what to expect. Now that I've had it for a little while, I think I can tell you what I don't like about it.

    Terribly soft suspension, especially the front which is not adjustable at all, you end up bouncing up and down on anything other than a flat bit of tarmac!

    Non adjustable brake lever, makes it so much harder (and dangerous) for people with smaller hands and shorter fingers.

    No clock! even the current models have no clock. In 2009, why do I have to strap a wrist watch to my handle bars!

    It's yellow...
  2. Where did you find the Tarmac?
  3. VTR 250, after an extended ride, the seats just an inch or so too low, and theres no underseat storage although theres pleeeenty of room for a little cubby or two. All good apart from that so far.
  4. On a serious note, the undertail exhaust on the 04 'blade makes placing a can of redbull under the pillion seat redundant. It would be good for coffee though.
  5. The lack of torque and absence of a gear indicator.

    Everything else is perfect.
  6. A gear indicator....
    Would you like the bike to ride you?
  7. VT250 Spada, makes weird clunking noises in the last few meters before stopping when roll rolling to a stop. Probably isolated to my bike :p

    Other than that, the soft suspension.
  8. Hyosung gv250 - Soft suspension (yeah it's a cruiser :p ), clunky clutch, seats a bit harder than I'd like for extended rides.

    Otherwise suits me pretty good for a learner bike.
  9. Sometimes I by accident step down into first gear when shifting down for a sharp corner like a hairpin. This is a real pain in the backside because there seems to be quite a difference between first and second. The bike loads up with a helluva lot of revs and loses a lot of speed in the process.
  10. Wheels weigh an absolute ton. The lines of my bike don't work, so i'm welding and cutting some stuff to make it look a little better. Also lacks oomph. Soon to be fixed as well.

    Lots of vibration too, which is fine at first but after six hours it starts to hurt.
  11. Suzuki DR650.

    Hard seat, tiny tank, crap design that ensures gear lever will crack alternator cover in even a stationary drop on the left side, coarse chain adjustment ensuring that correct tension is almost impossible, welded seam on muffler is going rusty (which is rather impressive for a 5 month old stainless system), tools required to access fuse box, headlamp connector near impossible to connect and fouls clutch cable no matter how arranged, speedo looks and acts cheap.
  12. I like my bike so much I'd like another 2 so I've always got one to race that isn't broken down.
  13. I love the Bandit, but it *is* pretty heavy (250 kg or so). I wonder about selling the GSXF650, which is about the same weight, as a learner bike - I can guarantee I'd have dropped one and damaged the fairings as a beginner.
  14. SV1000s – Low fuel range, I knew it liked a drink before I bought it but that’s the only complaint I have.
  15. I love my SR500 and I hate it!

    Kickstart: Love it / hate it

    Old: Love it / hate it

    Rough thumping engine: love it / hate it

    Numerous other loves and hates. Also outright hates, like the fact that it won't pull below 3000rpm.

    The one thing I squarely dislike, however, is its very bad performance at highway speeds. It feels like it'll blow up!

    My love / hate is like a pendulum swing, and I've had many wavering moments when I've wanted to sell the thing, before I swing and decide that no matter what else I own I can never sell it. I think of the 2 year old pre-LAMS ER-5 with under 20,000km going registered at Heidelberg Honda for $4.5k, which I looked at just before I bought the SR, and could have bought on the spot and ridden without the interminable number of issues that have and currently face me with the SR - constant problems, plus the ever-persistant highway issue - and I slap myself! And do it a second time! But I just know I couldn't be satisfied with a boring (apologies) moulded smooth modern bike. When I can afford a late Sportster I'll know I went the narrow and hard...but high way, and on the highway I will have my cakes and eat them! But yeah, SR ownership involves hates that you need to live with!
  16. :cry:
    no bike...

    but when I had


    Toooo slooowwww..... when you need to get up and go it just isn't there... always working really hard to get the most out of it. Good for low speed stuff.. sucks on the highways.

    But seriously as I'm discovering any bike is better than no bike at all

    Can't wait until I get my new one
  17. Why...does the underseat exhaust automatically dispense Red Bull for you when you need to be refreshed?

    (only since you were being pedantic about 'tarmac' :p :LOL: )

    For me...kickstarter in winter - it takes several kicks. And now and then, low rev grunt. The bike's fine when you wanna fang your way around anywhere but every so often I wanna kick back and relax. So funnily enough my upgrade will actually partially be to slow things down a little, mood-wise lol.
  18. I love the GS overall but what I don't like:

    1. Soft Suspension. It is really poor for riding two up. (Engine has enough power for it. You just bounce around a lot).

    2. A little on the small side.

    Otherwise the perfect commuter.
  19. K7 gsxr.....

    Gets hot between the legs when not moving and.....i wish it sounded like a v-twin


    Otherwise its perfect i can't fault it.
  20. At the moment.................

    The nail in the rear tyre

    I dont want to point the finger at tradesmen specifically