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What does your coffee say about u

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. Seeing Coffee nights are so popular around here I thought I'd post this which arrived in my Inbox this morning, sorry if it's been posted b4.

    long black
    you're forthright to the point of bluntness. You like a challenge and are a fast thinker and talker, you have no time for fads or trends.

    you're genuine, relaxed and prepared to roll with life's puches. You reckon you're a classicist for shunning the current latte craze. Or are you just stuck in the 80s?

    You're a social coffee drinker and rarely have a cup solo..You love looking back at the times when things were all about fun

    Short black
    You often act now and think later.. If you drink of first thing in the morning , you're a fast-paced go-getter

    Regular Flat white with sugar.
    You're a bit of a dreamer and alwasy look for the good in people and situations

    Youre constantly trying to improve youself and are frustrated by people who give less than 100 per cent. You always thinks you're right.

    Instant coffee.
    You know what you want and stick to it. You''ve got a feisty side and will stick up for what you believe in.

    Chai latte.
    You just cant decide between coffee and tea, which is pretty much how you make your way through life. You dont get involved in dramas and stay as impartial as possible.

    Hot chocolate.
    You're after somthing warm and comforting. Perhaps you're craving somthing spiritual

    While you can appear a little stressed out at time, you're optimistic on the inside.
  2. Machiatto
    Youre constantly trying to improve youself and are frustrated by people who give less than 100 per cent.
    Your always right.

    never doubted it :p :grin:
  3. International Roast
    You're so tight you buy freeze dehydrated coffee in 1 kilo container. You only put a quarter of a teaspoon in at a time to make it last longer... You eek out a painful existence that you hope is cut short in a manner that would allow your life insurance to cover your funeral.
  4. LMAO :rofl: That's is SOOO true. It's the sort of coffee you find in the cupboards of an 'old folks' tennis club etc.

    International Roast is POISON. Any coffee that is almost an orange colour and smells like warm, used engine oil should NOT be consumed under any circumstance.

  5. wow !
    thats my order.

    Accuracy of type of person
    . . . . "aah don't think so Tim" (say it with a Al Borland tone) :grin:
  6. They left off Iced Coffee in that list - I don't even want to think what that may mean :LOL: :LOL:
  7. they're fairly accurate

    i drink latte's
  8. Latte drinker here but I'm more the long black personality.
  9. My coffee says, hey junkie time to get a new habit cause bouncing off the walls ain't no good for the plaster! No wonder you wiggle & squirm all night!
  10. Mine dosent say anything about me!!!!!!!!!

    COFFEE CANT TALK :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:
  11. MMMMMmmmmmm........... Hot Chocolate.
  12. I'll drink almost anything if its free (except intenational roast). What does that say about me?
  13. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Im a double shot latte man.... !!! (no sugar)