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What does 'Wrecking only' actually mean

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Spud Gun, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Ok, I know that it means that its a bike that being wrecked, but does that mean you cannot buy it as a project (the wrecker would get more money from it as parts)? Or does 'wrecking only' apply only to bikes that have been written off? Can you restore a bike that has been written off (is it legal)?

  2. stat write off. Vechicle can not be re-registered. (Major frame damage)

    You can repair repairable write offs (no fame damage), can't repair and re-reg stat write offs.

    Occasionaly assesor gets it wrong, a stat write off will have no frame damage.
  3. So a write off is based on the frame. You cannot use any frame (regardless of condition) that has been written off, is that right?
  4. "wrecking only" in an ad normally means that there is not enuff of the bike left for it to be worth selling as a whole or just plain that the shop will get more for it in parts.

    it has nothing to do with the written off status, just what the shop in question would like to do with it.

    there are two forms of written off, a statutary write off and a repairable write off. stat means it'll never be registered again with that frame, all the other bits are welcome to be used on another bike tho, or you can use it as a track bike etc. repairable write off means that you can register it againg once you've fixed everything up and proved that you have done so.

    again tho, this will have nothing to do with the status of a bike at a shop, they may be wrecking a bike that hasn't been written off if they see fit....
  5. a write off is based on how much it would cost to repair vs how much its worth. from there, they decide on whether its safe to repair or not.

    the re-registration depends on the write off (you can use ANY frame you want for non registered riding like track/drags etc.)

    stat - no
    rep - yes
  6. I've also seen vehicles sold as "wrecking only" due to the fact there is still money owed to finance. Basically any attempt to re-register the vehicle would require paying off the debt (sometimes more than the bike is worth) but this doesn't apply if it's sold off as parts since the finance company will continue to chase the last registered owner.
  7. That would be a bugger if you have just lovingly restored a bike, to find out that it was encumbered. So where would you check to see if a bike was written off?
  8. REVS should be able to tell you the 'write off' status shouldn't they?
  9. VicRoads (in Victoria) can tell you the status, provide a frame (VIN) and engine number, they'll also tell you if it's been stolen
  10. In Vic you can get a "Vehicle Information Pack" from VicRoads for $23.10.

    It tells you whether the vehicle's registered, whether it's changed registered owners in the past 2 years, whether it has any encumbrances (eg if it's under finance), and if it's ever been written off (statutory or otherwise).
  11. As a couple of people have suggested, it's something wreckers write on adds to prevent people ringing up asking if they can buy the whole bike.

    I tend to avoid wreckers that do that. To me it indicates the wrecker is a bit unscrupulous. Some bikes that are written off are quite servicable and deserve to be put back on the road.

    Nothing to do with statutory write off.
  12. So where would be the best place to get a project bike? Obviously I dont want to pay top dollar, and I don't want to talk a dodgy wrecker into selling a bike that they don't want to sell. Is it best to get the wrecker bikes that are advertised as a project?

    EDIT: Is a wrecker liable if they sell you an encumbered project? Would it even be worth while pursuing it?