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What does this mean?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by theeICEMAN, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. So I fell with my bike yesterday...

    Minor scratches to fairings... but my handle bars are fuked?

    When I position my handle bars straight, the front tyre isnt straight, it goes to the left a little.

    So in order to ride on a straight road I have to turn the handlebars abit to the right...its not even

    What does this mean? And what do I need replaced? also would I need a damage assesment?

  2. It most likely means your handle bars are bent or you triple clamps are twisted, both pretty easy to fix.

    Do some googling about straightening your triple clamps, or do a search on here, it's been covered before.

  3. nothing a good sturdy hold/lock of the handlebars and kick to the front rim cant fix ;) just search forum or google. That is as long as the drop/fall was minor and the parts arn't actually bent.
  4. Put a new set of bars on, and then see if its straight,
    Usually the bars take all the impact of a drop, and get bent very easily,
  5. I take it you have clip ons?
    More than likely the drop has caused your forks to turn in the clamps.
    Look down at both forks with front wheel pointed straight, and see if they look aligned.
  6. happened to me a while back.

    bloke from the auto shop said to me "we can do this the expensive way, or the way we fix em back in the country". I of course went for option b. He banged my front wheel against a pole until it straightened up.
  7. All the above. What do you ride. Go for new bars. Get a strait edge and make sure your forks are not bent. They can twist in the triple clamp. Better to undo the bolts and set it true again than banging it against a pole. Not to say that wont work. It can.
    You will want to make sure the inners are not bent on the forks.
    Give them a good bounce and make sure there are no spikes in the travel. Get your wheels balanced again as well. That will make sure they are in true.
    Hope you came out unscathed.
  8. I have a GPX250...

    I am getting my steering head bearings replaced anyways, would they fix the bent if the mechanic replaces the head bearings?
  9. Replacing Steering head bearings,
    means they will pull the front forks off the bike,
    They will tell you if your fork tubes are bent,
    If not they will put the front end back on and straighten the forks if the are twisted, all part of putting the tubes back in the bike,
  10. Good work that man. At your next service after getting this work done. Please have the tension checked again in the steering head. New bearings bed in and need readjustment. If you don't ask they wont do it and your new bearings will wear out in half the time.