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What does this hand signal mean?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by smeg, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. A few times when I've been out riding, a bike has come the other way and instead of returning a nod, they've replied with a hand signal of their index finger vertical in the air and spinning their hand so as to make an O in the air.
    I've assumed this to mean police ahead, but there has never been a policeman anywhere to be seen.
    Anyone know what it means? Is it simply a case that the police have moved on every time?

  2. Its definitely the sign for coppers, guess they must have moved.
  3. means your wheels are turning :LOL:
  4. Police or a radar. Make sure you return the favor if you can!

    The other common signal is "pushing an open hand downwards" indicating "slow down". Some people do this when there is a cop or when you should slow down for other reasons like debris/water on the road or accident ahead.

    Its always nice to help out a fellow rider when you can.
  5. Bubble head

    Means copper/camera/bubble headed booby.

    You might have missed an unmarked camera. I always nod to a brother rider, seems like this is below some to show unity.


  6. Ooops!! :oops:

    I always thought it meant: "Sit on this, pal, and rotate!"


  7. That's when they use the middle finger, not the index finger.
  8. fair chance you jsut didnt see the copper hiding in the bushes :LOL:
    it means cops are about, slow down and keep a lid on it.

    the best thing about this signal, is most riders know what it means, and its not illegal like flashing your headlights.

    return the favour and notify others if you ever notice the presence of the Man.
  9. As far as aknowleging other riders, I will only nod to those who look the part. Ie jacket, gloves etc. No morons dressed for the beach
  10. I use it for the "look out look out theres a copper about", other than that if your in a group its either im going to do a u-turn or we as a group are doing a u-turn
  11. Your funeral.
  12. hehe...'smeg'... :grin:

    Yeah - coppers.
  13. "RIde it like a rodeo!!" YEEHAWW
  14. ... that's why I make a point of not nodding to Honda riders :LOL:
  15. "Warning: UFO abductions next 5 km"
  16. Yeah, same here. I only nod to GP wannabe's! :roll:
  17. OI ! ! ! :LOL:
  18. I believe you came across this man:

  19. I was wondering what it actually meant! Great Thread!!
  20. It means "I wish I had a helicopter". Fairly common.