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What does this do? - 88' CBR 250 R

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mark Gibbons, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. Hi guys! some of you know me from when I joined, full of questions about my 125R - I recently sold it and purchased a 250R tonight (and my god, the power difference is insane!) or at least it feels it.

    I was taking some night time photos to text to a friend (pics will be uploaded tomorrow, 27/1/13) - anyway, I have this thing and i'm not sure what it is, or how to use it. If anyone has this, should I touch it, turn it off? Answer would be loved if it was ASAP!

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  2. It's a fuel tap
    Probably best to leave it on till your almost out of fuel, then switch it to res (reserve)
  3. this was not covered in your learners test?!?
  4. Yeah it was!
  5. Don't listen to the fridge.

    It's the on/off switch that is used to engage or dis-engage the additional carby. kinda like a turbo switch.

    leave it on 'res'. this is for reserve. i.e you are keeping plenty of 'power in reserve'. then flick it to on when you need a real burst of power.
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  6. #6 Mark Gibbons, Jan 27, 2013
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  7. Two answers, now I'm confused!
    Eitherway, I should always have it switched to "ON"

    PS. Haven't got my learners yet. No rush. Will pick em' up in the next couple weeks if I find a cheap place around Melbourne.
  8. Some have a gauge. Some don't. Some that do are unreliable.
    Remember where Reserve is just in case you ever need it.
  9. So this definitely is fuel related, and perfectly okay to leave switched "ON" while the bike is parked for a couple days at a time?
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  10. sorry bud - couldn't resist taking the piss.

    correct. It is fuel related.(y)

    prior to most bikes having fuel gauges, there was just a reserve tank and this tap/switch that you have.

    leave it in the on position. when the bike coughs and splutters, you know the main tank is empty. switch to reserve or RES and continue on - you can make the switch while still mobile. practice switching from on to res so that you can do it first time, every time without looking of fluffing about.

    ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS turn the tap back to the on position at the servo after filling up or the next time the bike coughs and splutters, you won't have a reserve to change over to.
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  11. Are you really that clueless? :confused:

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  12. Oh well, I'm not pissed. I am clueless, but hey,
    I've had the bike for around 3 hours. Haven't gone for my learners,
    And I don't really care for opinions. I'm interested in learning.
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  13. Thank-you for the detailed answer. Was just a little shocked by it, I saw the bike and purchased it with no plans of doing so. I got a great deal and I plan on getting my learners in the coming weeks so I jumped at the opportunity. I appreciate it! ;)
  14. who buys a 10 year old a road bike ??

    oh well, have fun with it anyway.
  15. the smart thing to do is keep your fuel tank topped up,dont wait un till you have to switch to reserve ,
  16. Mark Gibbons assuming that you are not trolling I think it would be very useful to your long term health i you hook up with someone local who can explain the basics of motorbike functionality. There are a couple of things that can catch you out, such as a loose chain, why leaving the fuel tap on "res", and the importance of lubrication etc.
    Not having a pop at you, we all had to learn sometime, it's just that there's an easy way and a hard way (the hard way involves long walks to the garage, or a ride in the big shiny van when your rear hub locks up through lack of maint).
  17. Best you go read the service manual and not ask questions on an Internet forum then.
  18. I thought this troll went back under his bridge
  19. Is that where he keeps his stash of stupid questions ?