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What does this bit do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Salty, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. So in my hurry to get under the garage door before it would close and crush me, I dropped my bike. I had the mail in my left hand and reached over with my right to pull the clutch, the driveway is sloped so the bike would roll in to the garage.
    Then the bike leaned over and was a bit too heavy to stop from going over.
    Luckily the forward movement was stopped and my attempts to stop the bike from falling slowed the fall. It came to a rest on the oggy knob and foot peg. I righted the bike and assessed the damage.
    I couldn't find any untill I looked where the bike fell and found a little metal object and after 10 minutes of thinking where the hell did this come from have identified the part.
    Luckily it's the only damage sustained, the fairings, exhaust etc. stayed away from the ground.
    I presume the piece it to scrape on the ground if i get over enthusiastic whilst cornering. What effect will it's absence have and would it be worth replacing the peg?

  2. Yes, that's a hero blob and no it probably isn't worth replacing the peg. Unless you routinely approach maximum lean angles anyway.
  3. Hero knobs screw in champ. You might have to get the old one tapped out. No biggy. Ten bucks.
  4. Of course you are going to have to drop it on the other side as well to bust the other one off. Otherwise the bike will be unblanced.

    Or you can just ride with your tongue firmly planted in the appropriate cheek to compensate.
  5. I think I'll just put my phone and wallet in my right pocket and the bike should balance out nicely.
    The knob is intact, the thread in the peg is half on the knob and half independent, either way there's no thread or socket remaining on the peg.
    I don't think I'm too fussed about it, pretty happy there's no scratches on the bike though. So if I think about it I won. Just have to take more care in the future, haven't dropped a bike before so was taken a bit by suprise.
  6. just brag to ya mates that the rest of it is planted firmly in a corner on Phillip Island ;-)
  7. Now you have to grind down the other one to match - no cheating :)
  8. Never nice to drop a bike but sounds like you got off lightly =D>

    :rofl: Nice!

    Looks like all all bases have been covered....nothing to see here, keep moving :beer:

  9. Must be nice to have that weight of cash in your wallet... :)
  10. seen the size of phones they're making these days? That alone would compensate for the missing peg thingy
  11. ebay is your friend. $20-50 will get you a set of fancy pegs, not just the hero knob. Don't just .au