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What does that mean?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Scottie, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. I've been seeing some words used on this forum, and since I am new to motorbikes I have no idea what they mean.

    What are twisties?
    What is LAMS?

    I'll be posting more as I see them.
  2. twisties are the winding roads with lots of corners that motorcyclist ride for.

    LAMS stands for learner approved motorcycles, check rta website if youre in NSW. Learners can only ride certain types of bikes.
  3. Twisties are snack food, cheese flavoured. Life's pretty straight without them, so I'm told.....
    LAMS are badly-spelled baby sheep, they are especially deicious when roasted and garnished with mint sauce....

    No, what ^ he said :LOL:.
  4. You need a ride, don't ya. :?
    No, really...
  5. hahaha... I'll be a LAM at the end of next month hopefully... hahaha
  6. lol you cant be a lam you can be a learner rider tho, bit hard to be a learn approve motorcycle, unless you fell into the vast of molten steel, iron or aluminium they use to build motorcycles
  7. Don't forget the Chicken flavoured ones.

    how about chicken, cheese and LAM flavoured twisties?
  8. LOL to all of the above
  9. yeah, Chicken Twisties FTW!!
  10. you my good fellow must be a 2fiddy rider :LOL:

    come see me when your surviving the day on energy drinks
  11. *sees you*... i live on energy drinks on weekends :p