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What does Sydney have to offer

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SilverFox, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    Looking for some tips from some Sydneysiders. I am flying there tomorrow (from Melb) for a weekend away with the GF. Not having been there since I was a kid, I was hoping you could give me some suggestions for places to see/go to. Staying in the CBD, and will be reliant on walking/PT/taxis.

    Also, any great restaurant tips would be appreciated (i know of a few tourists there who have been burnt by overpriced tourist traps which the locals wouldn't go near)

  2. Aw man, sydney's great. You gotta get to Bondi - it's a knockout, and take the monorail around, go down the bay/docks/bridge/opera house, all that stuff...

    But just get a car or bike and drive around a bit, you'll find it's generally just a very pretty town.

    Oh, and take a packed lunch, everything's too damn expensive.
  3. That was pretty much the extent of my planning :D
  4. I'll start with food. Only listing city places (and trying to order with most expensive down):-

    Cafe Sydney. Not cheap. Good food, good drinks, great views. http://www.cafesydney.com/ Ask for an outside table :)

    Wildfire. Great views, great food, great service, great drinks, expensive though http://www.wildfiresydney.com/

    Kingsleys Steak and Crabhouse. Fantastic steaks. Not cheap, not supremely expensive. Few restaurants http://www.steak.com.au/

    Heritage Belgium beer cafe - Crap service at the rocks (if you can get out to the North Sydney one go for it). Mussels a must have (plus about 20-30 different types of beer).

    Redoak Beer Cafe - http://www.redoak.com.au. Fantastic service, great food, a lot of locally brewed beers. I've done the night where you have dinner with the head brewery. Majorly recommended.

    Ghenghis Khan - Cheap, all you can eat Mongolian BBQ. Good for once in a way http://www.eatability.com.au/au/sydney/genghis_khan_mongolian_bbq_restaurant.htm

    Superbowl chinatown. Fantastic chinese takeaway place. Stir fried pippis in XO sauce my major recommendation.
  5. Spot on - thanks mate, i appreciate the tips.
  6. Stuff to do :-

    this time I'll start the other way around, from cheap to expensive. Going through all the date stuff I can remember (I'm trying to keep it CBD specific).

    Go to Observatory Hill in the rocks. I.e. Sydney Observatory. It's free, and it'll give you a great view of the city. Plus it's a short walk down to the rocks. Highly recommended Rocks pub is "The Lord Nelson". They brew their own beer on site there. It's a little hidden away, so ask for directions.

    Rocks markets by moonlight. Down the rocks in summer they have markets friday night. Free live band playing outside.

    Bondi beach is a waste of time. (Okay I lived in Coogee, so got used to it). If you're in a beach mood, head over to Manly beach by ferry. Less crowded, you get a ferry ride, and saturday's have outdoor markets. I haven't found a good place to eat there yet, so no recommendations.

    Ferry Cruise. It's cheap, and a nice way to spend a half an hour. If you want to splurge a little more get the Ferry Cruise/Taronga Park tickets. Taronga Pakr is a great relaxing walk around.

    Bridge Climb/Skywalk. Both things all visitors love doing, but costs $$$.

    I'll think a little more, but if you give me some ideas of what you like doing, can probably point you in the right direction.
  7. To be honest, that list is more than sufficient - thanks heaps.

    I can't describe how many brownie points I will get for suggesting a night market at the rocks - women love that kind of thing :LOL: (the best pub tips were more to my liking :D

    Heading over to Manly was the suggestion by a few other people as well, the ferry ride there gives a good view of the harour as well apparently.

    Thanks again mate - much better info from a local than from crappy tourist brochures.

  8. Rocks markets also has an outside beer area. Does get a little crowded though.

    Make sure you take her up to Observatory hill as well :) Just prior to the rocks. It's got some secluded park benchs with a fantastic view. Perfect for some canoodling in the dark.

    Little bit of a hike though, but if you take it easy no problems.

    Hardley anyone goes there, the few times I've been at night, there's been maybe a handful of people around (except for when mars was really close to the Earth).

    You'll get major brownie points for the view and cuddle :)
  9. If you time on your hands then a great (and cheap) way to see Sydney harbour is to get on a ferry to Manly. They leave from Circular Quay and the trip takes 30 mins each way. Manly beach is just 2 blocks from the ferry terminal. There is a nice short walk south of the beach accross to Shelley beach (great snorkelling there). Manly is full of restaurants and a there are few good bars too. The prices in Manly are expensive, but no more than in Bondi.

    The bars in the CBD are pretty lame. The Rocks (area under the bridge) seems to have more tradaitional style pubs with a bit more atmosphere.

    Another place worth seeing (100kms out of the city) is the Blue Montains. Most folk head to Katoomba to see the "3 sisters" but if you have a hire car there is an another spot called Wenworth Falls that has an amazing walk practically down a cliff face. It's pretty impressive.

    There is a good shore walk between Bondi and Bronte. I think the "sculptures by the sea" are on there at the moment which will make the walk more interesting too. When you get to Bondi beach head south to find that walk.

    Pity you missed the motorcycle show last weekend.

    You know about all the usual spots (bridge, opera house etc....)

  10. I'd have to agree with the other posts about The Rocks Markets by Moonlight. Tomorrow night is the last night and the free entertainment is Jon Stevens (if that's your cup of tea). The Rocks can be a fairly romantic place in the evening, especially if you wander down to the harbour and chill out there for a bit, plus you get some of the best pubs in the city there. The Australian is one of my favourite lunchtime pubs and it has the best choice of beers on tap.

    The other option if you've got some time and money to splurge, is to do the Bridge Climb (Although, the weather's not looking like it's going to be great this weekend).

  11. My to do list for visitors is.
    10 / 10,30 ferry to manly ,look around heaps shops ect,is sunny have a swim.
    12.30 -lunch some where over there ...cafes ,fish chips ,or nice places to eat .
    Back to the rocks about 2/3pm walk around the rocks ,e.g pub then 100 meters walk with shops ect ,then next pub ,then 100 meters walk ,with shops ,then pub ........Your both happy ,LOL.
    4-6pm ,Then back to hotel for a ........ wink wink , then if the hotel has a pool ,swim.and change for the night out..
    There is all different foods for dinner ,in the city pick up a flyers for the hotel your staying at for info .
    7/9pm ,then go to The rocks markets ,there is bands on this time of year ,for free ,check out .The rocks website for things to do and info.
    A good little pub is the Glenmore hotel ,cumberland st ,"my local" ,its a good beer ,nice people mostly tourists or people from out of town ,huge good roof top to look of the city and harbour at night .
    The Glenmore had rooms for rent ,not 5 star but clean and close to every thing.
    There got a website.

    THEN go to

    The bigest pub in the rocks is The orient hotel ,you would of passed it ,5 times by now walking around the rocks ,there is a night club or packed front bar ,or a lounge bit up stairs.{can get out of control with fights "some times"} but normaly ok.
    Then go to the city for proper clubs if you dance ect.

    Sunday ,darling harbour ,monorail ,maybe walk around the water to the opera house ,gardens over there ,sit in the sun IF sunny ,kissing REMEMBER holding hands "big brownie points ".hehehe.

    You can get cabs every where one end of the"city" to the other is like $10.

    For places to stay ,look up .

    Lastminute .com.au

    what if.com.au

    Them sort of site for last minute deals on $$$ places but half price ,last minute.

    Look for darling harbour or anywhere in the city ,the money you save for staying out of the city ,you will end up paying in cab fare to get there .
    Hope this helps.
  12. yeah definately hit bondi if the weather is good
  13. bondis alright for interstaters. gets boring when you live there :roll: the rocks is ok. pretty much what everyone else said and youll be set. put my vote in for a ferry ride to manly as well.
  14. haha - you all appear determined to make me look like Mr Romantic :LOL:

    Thanks again for the suggestions - there are at least several that I will follow up on.

    Maybe I can ask Jon Stevens to do some of his hits from his long stint as INXS front man :LOL:

  15. Mate if the weather's right you should definitely do the Bronte to Bondi Coastal Walk.

    Actually if you're feeling up to it you should start from Coogee as there's a lot more of the sculptures to be seen down there. Depends how energetic you're feeling - but it's a doddle, really.

    I'd suggest starting south and ending up at Bondi because then at least you can get a bit of lunch at a restaurant there....there's plenty to choose from.

    Depending on your inclination for learning, the Maritime Museum and Sydney Aquarium are both cool places that are cheap and good fun.

    If you're not keen on heading to manly, lunch and afternoon drinks at the CYCA (Cruising Yacht Club of Australia) in Rushcutters Bay is one the chicks just love. It's not snobby like you'd expect and not expensive either....but the seafood is awesome and the atmosphere cool - there's a regatta on this weekend so the atmosphere on both days will be fabulous.

    Enjoy. Sydney's a cool place. get out on the harbour, either book some sailing or get a ferry!

  16. Im going to Sydney for xmas, so you've also answered my questions too. Thanks. I am looking forward to the zoo and the aquarium.
  17. Macquire feilds

    i hated the dirty stinking pox ridden joint, the only good thing about sydney is the road out of there.
  18. ^^^ Why dont you speak your mind Glenn?? :LOL:
  19. Sydney is a bit different to Melbourn in that the resteraunts aren't really in the CBD. You need to get out of the city a little to find the bettter ones.

    Newtown, Paddington, Glebe, surrey hills and the Cross all have good resteraunts. These are all taxi rides from the cbd (the cross can be walked if your feeling energetic). Norton street is a bit further out.

    The most of the pubs at the rocks are pretty good, but there's also a tacky touristy side to the rocks. Get to the Lord Nelson if you get a chance. It's not where all the other pubs are in the rocks, but it's the best and it brews it's own beer and the counter meels are good.

    Aclose second is the Hero. It's also a bit further away.

    The Botanic gardens, The Opera House, Mrs macquaries chair and the Art Gallery are all free and make a good day walk about.