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What does riding mean to you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by floydrulez, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. I am making a digital story short film for my course on something that has changed the way I live my life. Natrually I chose riding.

    I got my license roughly 18 months ago, and have found it has changed the way I approach life (generally with more confidence and enthuesiasm). I was in a dead end desk job (that made me a misserable push-over), and a bike trip last year helped me clear my head. To use the cliche, it was really the best experience I have had, and gave me the confidence to tell my boss where she can shove my job, and to actually start living life.

    This really got me thinking as to what riding means to other people, and if it has changed their lives or their approach to life? I would love to hear some...

  2. Riding to Me?

    I like Bikes... I also like music, guitar,boxing, cars, boats, fishing...

    Its just an interest like everything else. Seems weird to me that just riding a bike could actually change someones life in the way you have mentioned above...

    But hey good for you :)
  3. I suppose it was really an experience that taught me something about life.

    Imagine if I'd associated the change in my life with the shoes I was wearing back then... :LOL:
  4. pain, suffering, hate, sadness, AND THE WORLDS BIGGES FARKING GRIN all the time every second I am riding.

    i am not riding due to an off so i dont smile much.
  5. Freedom, escapism, fun, comraderie, stress relief
  6. best way to feel the adrenaline
  7. Riding has meant that a magic, massive hole has grown in my pocket, stealing all of my hard earned cash!

    But I wouldn't have it any other way :grin:
  8. It depends on where you're coming from. If you were in a situation where you felt restricted (dysfunctional job, family, relationship etc), then the attractions of riding become an eye-opener.

    Motorcycle riding offers:
    1) freedom of movement
    2) time alone
    3) focus on new skill sets
    4) adrenalin and endorphin rushes
    5) a general freedom of mind as a result. Getting away from it all.

    For those of us who haven't been afforded such pleasures in other aspects of our lives, it's an acute form of therapy.

    I'm pretty open to opportunity in the first place, but motorcycle riding has brought that side of me forward, if gradually.

    Joining NR for example - a new social group, new 'culture' to learn, new people to meet, understand, etc. Good for the mind. Keeps me on my toes. And introduced me to a whole bunch of people who are definitely worth the time and effort!

    And being on the road itself -
    - I'm not very assertive, but motorcycle riding constantly exposes me to situations where I have to be assertive and proactive to keep myself safe. It's filtered into other aspects of my life too.

    -I'm more comfortable at work to discuss touchy things and find win-win situations.

    - I'm also better at handling things with humour, rather than taking things personally. Have that sort of attitude on the road and you'll be in trouble all the time.

    - I have to defend motorcycling a lot. Some non-riders still see it as a hooligan's past time. So I'm out there debating and making my point without aggression. Something that I used to shy away from (abusive background, not good with conflict).

    Again, I had elements of these in me before riding, but they came out a bit more. There were also other things happening in my life which contributed to the gradual development.

    I think it just goes to show that the more things you do, the more things you learn and the more active you remain, then you have more outlets to process your emotions evenly. And develop self. And a greater network you can trust and love :)

    mushy mushy mushy.
  9. Riding is the best thing I have ever done every time I do it.
  10. Sure you would, all the same without the hole in your pocket.

    Oh and I can image how someone's life might be changed by riding. I had a very similar experience, although it was climbing not riding which changed my life. But for someone who started with a very low self confidence, and suffering from depression. Climbing gave me something/where I fell completely free and empowered. Clears the mind of all that nasty stuff, as does riding of course. Guess that's one of the reasons I fell for riding too, and why I have now gone back to it.

    but really, I wouldn't say climbing as such defines my life. But it certainly gave me a totally new perspective of life and myself. Pulled me out of a not so nice little hole.

    I know my story doesn't apply necessarily to riding, but hopefully you can see my point.

    Oh and one of the only things I love more than going for a good ride in the hills, is leading out a nice clean and remote trad climb somewhere in the mountains.

    EDIT: The main reason I've recently bought a new bike and gotten back into riding is because i've been deprived of any climbing ever since I moved to Vic over a year ago now. Was starting to feel shit about my life again.
  11. To me it means the utter joy of getting divorced

  12. I have other interests such as martial arts, cycling, IT, however riding puts a grin on my face just by commuting everyday and I’ve been riding for over 30 yrs. Go figure :grin: :cool:
  13. well i got into it originally for the convienance and to save money. since i have found out that no you dont really save money, but i couldnt give a flying pharke.
    riding, like my bike itself is at the end of the day just a tool, a vessel if you like for my personal mobility, part of the way i can express myself as an idividual, and also have a shitload of fun, either by myself, or with mates. the comradarie i found in riding is nothing like i ever expected. the feeling of going around a left sweeper at 90 km/h with your footpeg scraping along the ground is nothing like i ever expected. when i first started out, mind you, my plan was just to ride while i was at uni, now i dont think ill stop riding for the rest of my life.
    my financial priority is riding thats for sure at the moment, and it acutally the cheapest hobby ive had so far, the other ones being shooting, sailing, horseriding and working on my car, but none of these offer the practicalities of a motorcycle.
    the challenge part is a big plus aswell, although not as challenging as some of my other hobbies, it is so easy to do, get on your bike and ride. so for me another big attraction is accessability to the challenge, and the fact there is always room for improvement.

    so in a nutshell, riding is so important for me because it provides real practiacal advantages, it provides a real and accessable challenge. and it hurts when my bike is off the road, and i realise how much i take it for granted.

  14. Ride on guys!
    I suppose it's just a fantastic (and practical) hobby...and so unrestricting (unless you're on restrictions) :p
  15. To me it means freedom, and it has extended out into my life in general a sense of confronting and overcoming fear and being more confident about my abilities in general.

    This weekend I went on my first ride through the hills on a group ride, and for the first twenty minutes thought I had taken on more than I could handle and that I was going to look for an excuse to turn back at the first stop.

    The road was twisty with a sheer drop. Nothing like certain death to help you gain focus.

    By the first stop I stopped looking for excuses and realised that I could just keep pressing on. If I'd made it that far, I could keep going.

    I was having an interesting internal conversation about why I thought I couldn't do it when plenty of others had.

    I think this can only be good for lots of other areas of my life. A really good one. Better than therapy.

    How good is that!
  16. Biggest change its made for me is having brothers across (3) states who are loyal
    men of their word, who look after their fellow brothers. Also have made many social
    riding mates as well; an extended closenit 2nd family.

    Also up there is the sheer enjoyment I get out of hopping on a bike & riding it how
    its supposed to be ridden to the best of my current abilities.
  17. still means facing up to fear many times when i get on the bike......

    but there have been enough "wow" moments to make me keep gettin on.....

    and also a whole new bunch of friends that i wouldn't have met elsewise.....

    and finally, after many years, acknowledgement of stuff that happened that shouldn't have which i've now learnt to deal with better......

    none of which would have happened if i hadn't decided that it was time to do something 'different' (for me anyway)

  18. To me it is the rush, the freedom, the fear. I love it and it is just one of those things that will quite often clear your head and drown out all the noise of day to day life. It's one of the only things I do where my focus is so strongly directed. I wish I could have that with the other things in my life! :).

    I try to tell myself each time I get on that I am just going to take it easy, yet I almost always end up twisting that throttle :grin:.
  19. +1

    Good one aussiesv650. :cool:
  20. emancipation