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What does riding cure for you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by guggle, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. I had a headache at work today and wasn't really looking forward to the ride home - heavy traffic, idiot cagers, etc, etc. But I found to my pleasure that by the time I got home, the headache had gone. I put it down to riding the bike!!

    So, what ailments do you have that you find is cured by riding??
  2. Well, maybe not cure, but it certainly helps with depression... which itself is usually caused by women. Or lack thereof.

    Overall riding is extremely cathartic for me.
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  3. Boredom.

    Granted, I just got my bike permit and my bike, but it seems everyday I need to get my 'fix' - it's like a drug! Riding is just so fun, even if it's just around the block.
  4. It cures my wallet of its contents (that I'd otherwise squander on liquor or shiny trinkets for the wife).
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  5. Definitely boredom.
  6. Gives me a sense of belonging (and gets me away from the chaos at home. :)
  7. Helps me turn and burn..oh yeah...turn and burn...

  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Magically dissolves the stress of work at the end of each working day :)
  10. Inertia.
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  11. certainly a de stresser
  12. I'd say actually being on the road cures feeling undervalued, but after a weekend of being bullied out of an advanced riding course and then getting insulted by the checkout kid at the local servo i think i'm done with this shit~

    so... nothing! Bah! :p
  13. Not sure if it cures anything but it certainly helps fill my awesome quota.

    It's potentially a cure for death by traffic. Actually yeah, often it is a cure of traffic frustration for me but more a contributing factor to my general awesomeness.
  14. Yes

  15. Having a small wanger... Well so I've heard...
  16. AIDS but nobody believes me.
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  17. riding is like that memory erasing thing in men in black. if there's a lot of stuff going on inside my head, thinking about work or some other stupid stuff, i go for a ride and at the end i can't remember any of it. :)

    i ride daily so i don't remember much hhehehe..
  18. Add / adhd
  19. ...... The Meh's!!.....:grin: