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What does one have to do to start a bike club?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Love2Ride2008, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Well ive been looking to start a motorcycle club(gang), mostly for cruises and helping each other, how do i go about doing this?

  2. Developing some social etiquette might help?

    Join a riding community forum only to ask a question, with no introduction to yourself, you aren't quite there yet ;)
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    * Gary Glitter song play's in the background *

    "do ya wanna be in my gang, my gang, my gang......
    do ya wanna be in my gang, ohhh yeahhhh"

  4. i was very serious about this post, how come all the flames?
  5. Just organise rides with some friends who ride :)

    The more rides you go on, the more regularly; the more friends will come along.

    You don't want to start a 'gang'. 'Gangs' are stupid.
    You want friends who ride.

    Introduce yourself in the new members forum section, and find out some other people who ride in your area.
  6. First posts asking questions without intro are frowned upon, thats why. Moving on though,

    Not sure what you want by club/gang. Best thing to do is get out there and ride with mates. When you've got a bunch of people you ride with, with similar riding interests - you just organise lots of rides with them until it gets to be a regular thing.
  7. The only reason you'd need to have a formal club with a constitution and stuff is if you have shared assets, like in a racing team etc.
  8. club - find some mates and ride.
    gang - yeah, err, good luck with that.
  9. umm ... is this forum not counted as a club?
  10. Tell us where you are, how old you are, what bike you ride, where you like to ride, your riding style, are you super fast, medium or take it easy. Then people who read this might wanna catch up with you for a ride/cruise whatever. I know i'd go for a ride with someone if they had similar characteristics to me (ie medium pace, eastern suburbs of Melb, etc etc). :cool:
  11. Have lots of money to pay for public liabity insurance.
  12. FUTURE: true, but in all essence there are many different meanings to the word club. Wikipedia defines a club as:
    davesta: PM me if you want to go for a ride, saturday would be good ...[/quote]
  13. Does having a dictator-for-life count?

    Now all we need is a President and First Tiger...
  14. If you want to start a formal club, you need to have a look at the Clubs and Associations Act to see what the legal requirements are (and they are substantial). As Future suggested, you'll need to have liability insurance just to run a simple group ride.

    Not worth it IMHO. Just keep it informal like it is here.
  15. A honda NSR250 crusier club? SIGN ME UP!
  16. Start by telling ya mates, get t'shirts made up or whatnot,
    get a website up & see how it goes from there..

    Use commonsense :roll:

    Refer to previous posts nOOb :roll:
  17. I think we're all just having fun with you Love2Ride2008 - so don't take it too much to heart. In a few years time if you re-read your question you'll probably laugh at yourself. The good news is there's wisdom in the crap that's being slung at you - poor etiquette and limited knowledge gets you in the shit fast.

    Clubs (never call it a gang) are exactly what you hinted at in your first post - similar people wanting to do similar things together. If you want to be in charge you REALLY need to know how things work; not just in your club, but how it will interact with other clubs/groups/individuals. If you step on someone's toes its not just you who might suffer for your actions.

    Start small, if not with mates, then meet some new people - ask them if they want to get together for a ride sometime (nothing more serious until you get to know them, and they you), and build on that...
  18. He said the word gang - lets lynch him, LOL,

    Dude, just go riding with your mates,

    have fun, thats what riding is about
  19. firstly you need a hook like "The no pants riding club".

    See I'd join that.