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What does one do when....(Have your say!!!)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Banga, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. OK
    Here's a quick question.

    What do you do when 'hypothetically' you work at a restaurant in which the front is covered by windows getting to the point...

    Every couple of days or at least quite recently you have some guys walking past smashing on the windows and throwing random objects at the windows like rocks, sticks or stone, hey even lollipops an more... AS this is a restaurant there are basically always customers inside eating and once it has actually cracked a window that a customer was sitting next to, approximately 50 cm away from.
    These guys aged between 15-17 (approx) have absolutely no reason for doing so, its just for their entertainment or fun or some crap like that.

    At first you call the police this is after several incidents and eventually you know they aren't stopping there behavior. However the police respond by saying that they cannot really do anything about it.

    What would you do in this situation?
  2. 3 suggestions:

    1 - Catch them and belt them (as above).

    2 - Put tables & chairs infront of the window. If cutomers are sitting infont of the windows, the little f**kers can't really chuck stuff at them.

    3 - Invest in some of that really fine window protection mesh.
  3. Do you just work for the restaurant?
    If so, then it's an S.E.P. *

    If you have an interest in it though, ask around and see if other businesses are having the same problem - perhaps you could share the cost of a security guard to walk the street for a couple of hours a night.

    *(Somebody else's problem. With thanks to Douglas Adams)
  4. Its actually my fathers restaurant which i work at occasionally, so yeah lol definitely my problem.

    I never thought about that, i will start inquiring tonight thanks for that idea!

    Thanks Tweet and enigma, sounds like the reasonable thing to do right now.

    I will post up what happened next really soon, stay tuned (trying to build suspense!!!)
  5. video it, it would sound like vandalism, or criminal damage. Ask a lawyer. Police should attend and do something about it IMHO. a bit weak saying we can't do something about it.
  6. From my experience, the best thing you can do is tell their parents(obviously if you can get that info).

    They are all big and tough infront of mates but as soon as a dad with a pretty thick leather belt comes around you'll see them b1tch up.
  7. We had problems with vandalism and graffiti for quite a while with the office wall and windows that were directly next to the skate park, the police couldn't do anything (the perpetrators were always gone before they got there).

    They used to break windows (we fitted heavy mesh screens).

    Then they started kicking holes in the (rough cast over wire mesh) outside walls so we replaced (up to approximate max kicking height or 1.5m) the rough cast with high density vandal resistant panel.

    The graffiti is less of an issue now that a special coating has been sprayed over the paint (it's still a pain but at least we can clean it off easier).

    Other local places are still suffering from this problem but not us, they're picking on easier targets now.

    I would simply put some high quality, security mesh over the windows (good stuff not just wire)... you can still see out through it.
  8. OK time for more info... Some of the things I say may offend some people and this is really not what i intend. I am not intending generalise rather just talk about these idiots.

    Yesterday i went after these guys, when i get up near them is when i actually realised how young some of these guys were. Of course they started saying shit and pushing saying what you gonna do, so one pushes me. Then i grab them back... From there the kid looses his nut and starts swinging and kicking, at first i was just thinking what the hell do i do. Do i beat the living shit out of a kid or what.
    Eventually he headbutted me and broke a tooth, this is when i hit him back... Then eventually we both go our separate ways me with a broken tooth, and the kid with cuts over his face.

    Now these kids were from the part of town we call 'the not so intelligible or socially aware'. So there parents, don't even go there and here is what happened next...

    About 20 minutes after the kid i hit mum comes in. Screaming and yelling racist things that i wouldn't even mention here. My mother and a customer waiting for her T/A are sitting there listening. My mum says simply i have no idea what Ur saying, whilst the customer said lock the door and call the cops; whilst this is going on the lady, clearly drunk and incorrigibly angry throws down cutlery and anything she can get her hands on like an a-frame. Luckily nothing of any great value.

    As soon as the lady realises that we called the police she runs out hops in her car and speeds off.

    She didn't listen to anything at all and was obviously not in the mood to care.

    The cops come around 2hours after the incident (great timing), however i will say were extremely helpful. The policewomen said that we understand that you were defending yourself and the business, this time we also had the number plate of the lady's car so we handed this over to police as well. They did say call the cops if anything happens again, which I'm sure it will. I just hope they take action before anything happens, because knowing these kind of folks, if the cops don't do anything they will come back. Not by themselves this time rather with 10 times the number of people. If it gets to that stage and anything happens to the restaurant, What are we supposed to do? Sit there. Any how hopefully the police follow through with it. Obviously though the kids are just going to say they did nothing and were lying!
  9. I will def look into it, and find out off other businesses in the area to find out if anyone else is getting bothered by it like jazzfan said.
    I think the restaurant is heritage listed so i will also have to find out off the council if they will let us do it.
  10. maybe this particular venue would be a good place for a netrider coffee night...if ya know what i mean :wink: i'm sure some of us here have some pent up angst we would love to release. :grin:
  11. if/when they turn up and you call triple 0 Tell them you feel that your life is at risk. Threat of life/injury is a serious motivator. I would also speak to a lawyer, and maybe press charges for assault(or whichever one fits) in regards to the broken tooth. You may be able to state previous harrasment, in regards to the continued attacks against the shop. You may even be able to get a violence order. Speak to a lawyer.

    Depends on how much effort you think it is worth, how much effort you put into defending yourself and your safety.
  12. +1 :grin: And while we are at it sounds like the parents need a massive kick up the backside too. Great role models they are.

    Get cameras installed and nail these little creeps.

    Oh what type of restaurant is it anyway lol?
  13. Well it is in the highlands so it would be a pleasant ride down here!!!
    Am i allowed to put up the name of the joint? or is it better not too?
    But all welcome here some free advertising never goes astray lol.

    Thanks Thera
    Worth investigating and we will speak to a lawyer, however pressing charges against kids under 18 i don't beleive will get us anywhere. However i will talk to a lawyer. Plus i don't know if its going to stop them coming down and damaging the premises when no-one can prove who it is.
  14. thats what video cameras are for. ;) And I do believe parents can be held liable to an extent for their brats behaviour, then again I could be wrong as I often am. Fixing teeth is not cheap.
  15. Long story short, I got rolled in a shopping centre, had security footage. When I went to press charges because I even had the guys full name the cops came back saying that the guy has a witness saying that it wasn't him so they cant do anything. Still worth while but never foolproof. IMO

    +1 coffee night
  16. How about someone putting up an EOI for a ride and NR discount meal and coffee deal such and such restaurant on X night / afternoon, If it happens to coincide with one of the regular vandal visits ? what a pity hey :twisted:
  17. Dude, don't you have a sling-shot?

    I'd be out the front using up all those marbles I won in primary school.

    Old expired easter eggs work well, too.
  18. +1 for cameras, you can get a fairly cheap easy to install system (4ish cameras and a base-station) from Jaycar etc these days. Also consider one camera inside from the sounds of the last encounter. Evidence when you need it.

    Otherwise I guess make sure your insurance is up to scratch for the damage, as it sounds like the police are not going to be much help in actually stopping it occuring. Sharing the cost of security presence sounds like a good idea if it's workable.

    I hate that the world is coming to this - what is with kids that they think this sort of sh1t is acceptable? fcuken touchy-feely discipline all their lives. Crap, I'm 26 and I sound like an old man... :shock: