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What does life have in store for me???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Apr 23, 2007.

  1. Hey all. I was just reading back through my old diary entries (looking for something in particular) when I came across this entry, written in May 06.

    I quite like it and thought I'd share it with you all. I'd also love to hear from you as to where you hope to be in 5/10/30 yrs time...

    This means as much to me now as it did then...especially because I'm currently in the process of pulling my finger out and facing my fears and soldiering forward...to wherever.

  2. A beautiful self assessment and self expression and the best part is, none of us know what’s around the corner.
    Have you ticked any of them off yet? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t.

    A nice read and thanks for sharing.
  3. Rosie, as usual, lovely!
  4. That is but a small snippet from the diary of a concerned and deep thinking woman

    ... and a third of it's still about guys :grin:

    You're far from old, Rosie :)

    Think smaller!
    In 5 yrs you could still be with us at PI, hungover and watching bikes fly round Siberia? Ay? ;)

    I'll buy the chicken rolls!
  5. interesting ideas there rosie.....when i turned 40, i made a list of things i wanted to do before i turned 50. not so much goals as just achievements - stuff that would challenge me and get me out of my comfort zone.....i'm happy to say that half way through the 10 years and i'm half way through the goals.

    and along the way i've achieved and done some things that i never thought i'd do - some of them i'd never even thought of......

    but, i think i've reached a stage where i'm not quite game to make career goals - each time i do, stuff happens that derails the plans - very much upsetting at the time but generally for the best in the longer run.

    as for thinking about relationships, that i'm definitely not going to try to make goals for......as you would know, things have a way of really derailing those thoughts - and i'm just not game to go there again.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us. keep thinking about what you want out of life. what works for you is the way to go.....
  6. Your freakin me out. I had a very similar conversation on the weekend with a gilfriend who is the same age as us.

    I thought i was the only one.
  7. That's a very insightful and poetic piece Rosie.

    As to the future, that will come in its own time, and is guaranteed to not be what we expect it to be. :)
  8. It's nice to set goals, but it's really not so nice to set yourself up to take a fall if you dont acheive them.

    Sometimes, even acheiving your goals makes you feel nothing but empty, due to the sacrifices you've had to make along the way.

    Anyway back to bottling my beer.
  9. Take a bow Rosie :roses: that was a beautiful and courageous post. As for the future and what it holds :-k ? as long as you have the people around you that you love, enhance your life, basically make you feel better about yourself, and above all good friends that you can have a good laugh with :rofl: then thats all I reckon you can ask for :grin:
  10. i like how you see yourself at the end. in a room of books or on a yacht.

    i see myself in the amputee wing of a nursing home :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    great post. i love the clear slate, you and i have that.

    is your slate still clear?
  11. eh?
  12. ^ :LOL: at Chef

    Thanks for your kind comments guys. :)

    slow_suzuki - you say that sometimes achieving your goals leaves you with a feeling of emptiness...too true...but perhaps the sacrifices weren't worth the end result? I'm prepared in my journey to make sacrifices - but will always ask myself whether those are sacrifices worth making - especially if it's going to affect my girls.

    Ktulu - 5yrs? pfft! I can see us there in 20 yrs doing exactly the same thing. Some lessons are never worth learning = hangovers.

    2wheels - I think I've started to tick some off. I wrote that before I had my motorbike licence... :) I started the Diploma of Library and Information Management...with the view to furthering my study towards Paper Conservation in later years (once the girls have left home).

    One thing that has changed is my trepidation...It increased to downright fear.

    DStump - Clear slate? I'm not sure. I look at it now and it kind of looks like I've started to paint a picture on it, but then wiped it away with my fingers. You get that I think.
  13. It's nice to have goals and aspirations but sometimes it's even nicer to have that clean slate and wake up not knowing what the day will bring. No expectations or pressures, time to sit back and take in the present. Enjoy living for now. I realise that you have to plan for the future for yourself and your family, but dont let that cloud what today brings. :)
  14. I believe that our lives are already mapped out for us. It's up to us to have our eyes open to see the opportunities there for us so we can follow our destiny. may the force be with you Looking at the big picture is good but can be scary and a bit hard to cope with at times. Sometimes we can just live life day by day, other times follow our dreams or plan for our future. It's a balance, a mars bar thing, work, rest and play. :grin:
  15. That's such an open OP Rosie. Warmth and light to you!

    Wait till you come across that diary 20 years from now... the direct link back to your former self can be revelationary!

    I had a strong revelationary moment recently, when I went to see a boy hood musical hero, Howard Jones. I'd been to his concert 22 years earlier... but there I was listening to those same songs again, 22 yrs later, and I was directly reconnected to my younger self... it drove a sort of life before your eyes moment.

    That moment fed into a whole lot of other thinking I was/am doing, and I realised that I'm not where I thought I'd be, but I'm sure I am where I am meant to be.

    I couldn't have predicted back then what life had in store for me... but it's been an interesting journey.

    Just as an aside, ever noticed how the universe responds to a call for guidance/help??

    Personal events recently have caused me to ponder long and hard about "stuff". And I put a call out into the universe which the universe answered in spades. Old school friends rang up out of the blue, the HJ concert popped up in the middle of this, interesting people popping up into my life, new fledgling friendships begun, hints and messages from stray conversations, music, movies... it's hard to describe... but it's like the signs are all around you when you're looking.

    Cheers Rosie - Warmth and light to you, from a fellow Piscean! :)
  16. :LOL: :grin: I like that.

    They are there when you aren't looking as well, You just have to open your eyes and your mind.
  17. Rosie, One thing I have learnt is, never worry about the future. It has a way of sorting itself out. Good things happen when you least expect them. :grin:
  18. thank you rosie for one of the most beautiful posts here ever.

    i love that place of complete unknowing, pregnant with infinite possibility. as ken sometimes says to me - it's such a feeling of "warmth and honey".

    i also see myself surrounded by books when i'm older - family, friends, books and travel. i hope to even have written some of those books myself :wink:

    i wonder if it's something that bonds us in these forums - people drawn to the fringes, who wonder about life outside of the 'norm', who seek adventure, learning and maybe answers that the straight and narrow path can't provide????

    i have full faith it'll be a gorgeous journey for you, whichever way it weaves and turns. thanks again and enjoy the twisties :)
  19. Rosie, Rosie, Rosie....

    You ar not the only one who does some deep thinking :grin:

    I do a lot of "what if?" and "what could have been?" type thinking.

    Mine usually starts with "What would my life be like if I never had Cancer?"

    medical issues asside, it means i would have started riding bikes at amuch younger age. Dad always had a bike and i even got one for my 10th Birthday.....which was then sold on just after my 11th birthday after a decision by Mum and Dad that it would be to dangerous in the future.

    I have spent the yeas until recently telling myself "it's too dangerous" but always wanting to do it.....it was during one of these sessions of deep though i did a silly think and did a search on google.......found Netrider....and the rest is documented in these forums.

    Stemming from the same "what if"...... i sepnt the majority of my teenage years at home or by myself. I was unable to play sport (other than archery.) and was unable to join in a lot of activities others my age were into.(at the time my leg was frigile to the point that it actully broke and i didn't know. Only a leg brace a had to wear was honling me together)

    Would i have made more firiends?...developed different interests?.....almost certainly....would love to have done a lot of things...bush walking, hiking, continued playing soccer.

    Would i have met my wife? Almost certainly not. If i had not had te repeat a year of school due to being in hospital for heyear...i would have never crossed paths with her at Uni. So some good things definately come from unforseen events!!

    There are a couple of more personal issue too that are about to rear there ugly head in a nasty fashion and i hope i have the strength to deal with them...... i'm not certain i do.

    So now i sit here and wonder what am I doing with my life, whwere is it going?

    Having now turned 30 i look back and see that for almost 20 yrs i've been living scared of my past and what effect it might have on my future.

    So what does the future hold??

    well i'm going to learn to ride my bike well and properly.
    Meeting lots of new people and making friend through Netrider
    I plan to buy a house in the next 2 years
    and i plan to look forwards and not back all the time.

    As for more that that... ihave no idea what the future holds...and thats half the fun.

    Hmmmm..i think i've got some issues. :? :LOL:

    I just try not to let it get me down.

    Lets go for a ride sometime Rosie.... maybe have a "Introspectives Ride" somewhere?

    sorry if that went all over the place.....or too off topic.
  20. ...introspective ride?! Welcome to the last few weeks of my life :roll:

    Sure, count me in...