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What does it take to be a gun racer?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MVrog, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Loz has asked me to ask you lot what it takes.
    1. Talent, for a start
    2. Plenty of money
    3. Plenty of agression

    That is a good start. Can any of you suggest anything else?
    Can any of you supply Loz with a b-double load of these 3 components?

  2. Actually, just plenty of #2 would be fine. No no no wait, not THAT #2!

    Anyway, this was the title of an earlier short-lived thread and I thought it was a good question. What is it that separates good racers from bad ones? Apart from the "goes faster than the other blokes" bit.

    Rog, you've watched thousands of clowns belting around racetracks. Are there things you can see certain riders doing that make you say "that bloke's gonna be good?"
  3. good sportsmanship.
    The abilty to be gracious in defeat is as important as being ecstatic when you win.
    Nobody likes a sore loser!
  4. It ain't rocket science mate :roll: :LOL: :p
  5. Mary Poppins would be a horrible racing coach.
  6. What about attitude and mind set?
  7. Less time on netrider
  8. There was a good formula to describe this in a recent PB magazine.

    Something like: (desire to win + talent) - (cost of losing) = pace.
  9. +1 Gazillion.

    If you get beaten by them you shouldn't yell at your team mates and then not speak to them :)
  10. Well, Loz, There are some bad sports, who still rise to the top, so that one is out. It seems to me that, aside from talent, money and competitive machinery, what is required is self confidence and a burning desire to win.
    Doohan had that, so did Mal Campbell. In fact all of the stars have it.
    Physical fitness is useful too, but many smokers rise to the top,eg Barry Sheene, Jeff Sayle, Len Willing, Gregg Hansford. Smokers one and all. I am sure that there are others. P. Brock was a smoker for a while too.

    Pro Pilot is right too, instead of sitting at your computer, get into the gym. Stamina is crucial
  11. Remember one important thing a famous race driver told me many years ago.

    To become a Millionare from Motorsport,

    First you should start out as a Billionare :LOL:
  12. Vic, I know what you are saying, and who you are saying it about, but we are talking here about making it to the top of the sport.
    Please try to stay on topic, or I will be forced to delete your posts.
  13. *Start as a kid and have supportive parents.
  14. Grande cojones
  15. I'm guessing not. The guys that have really got it going for them don't seem to crash, look out of control, or have big "moments" nearly as much as the mediocre guys that are going ok but never quite there.

    I would say that to be a talentless hack that rides on sheer terror would take big cojones.

  16. Courage is certainly necessary, of course. Having said that, no-one ever went out there without some idea that it might all end in tears.
  17. The "Nature vs Nurture' debate in a different guise..... but still a good question.

    My observation has been that some guys have got "it" and some guys don't. The guys that don't sometimes beat the guys that do, but nowhere near as often as the other way round..
  18. Aint that the truth.
  19. Mental or physical attributes? I think the mental ones have been covered. How about having the right body type, fast reflexes, stamina etc etc.
  20. The stamina was covered earlier, and fast reflexes are needed. The right body type can be argued, cos lots of different shaped blokes, and a few blokettes, have done very well.
    None of you have touched on eyesight yet, particularly the need to have good high speed depth perception.
    Do you have that, Loz? You might need it. Probably will.