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What does it feel like riding a motobike ;)

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tigress, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. Someone said this to me and I had the biggest smile on my face, made me laugh so much. Had to share with you all ;)

    "It's a good feeling having your own bike and knowing you won't have someone get angry if you mess up. It's a bit like having sex with someone older & more experienced; very good for building self confidence!"

    Any other comparisons lol
  2. I'm older, wanna prove your point? lol

    try the sense of freedom, and the stress drain as you enjoy the ride, yeah, kinda like sex I guess lol
  3. It wasn't my point, but I can message the bloke and I'm sure he can help explain it to you hahha

    When I sat on the learners bike I felt the freedom and exitement. I remember when I got my learners, I drove home with a big smile on my face, could not wipe it off!
  4. So this bloke taught you to ride that way?
  5. No he just described the feeling of what it's like to be on a bike. I have my own feeling...

    Personally I would take choc over s##, the bike will take over choc and s## LOL
  6. too hard to type SEX?
  7. lol it's not hard hahah I don't like typing it too many times(blushes)
  8. Hard to describe riding a bike, but I guess the sense of saying "screw you" to your vulnerability & own sense of mortality.

    I'll smoke my pipe now whilst donning my leather jacket with tweed elbows!!!
  9. how about "fuc|< yeah!"?
  10. If your coming on Saturday, Bring your lid, I will take you for a short ride while Heathers practicing,
  11. Thanks for the offer, I've been on the bike a couple times now and on the back.

    Not attending prac sessions until I get my own wheels :) Hopefully in March I will be there with my leathers.

    Hope Heather gets her confidence up with the lessons.
  12. Lets get to the important stuff first......So he was hitting on you?

  13. It's a netrider haha I messaged him about his new bike and he told me that. I personally laughed but I am only new so it was funny to me. I am looking to get the same bike as me and was interested in how he was going and if the bike was good.

    Once I get on my bike I will let you all know how it feels to sit on my own wheels

    But If anyone does hit on me(and I like them) I'll let you know hahah

    so far no luck....
  14. You're doing it wrong.
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  15. So it seems haha
  16. Can't remember...
  17. My first wife was very jeolous of my bike, She knew I loved it more than her,

    I had it before I met her, and I had it after she left,
    My bike was more faithful than her and it never let me down, Well not that often any way, Hahahahahaha
  18. I know lots of guys who love their bikes more than anything, I get it :)
  19. And if you look at other bikes naked or dressed she wont complain either!!
  20. Are you forgetting the day my bike wet itself when I let someone else on it for the first time? I think he was upset