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what does a set of tyres cost you??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by gunnin' it, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. what do you fork out for new hoops and how often

  2. A new set of Pirelli Diablo Stradas came in at about $480.

    They should last 10,000k or so - which is quite a long time for good, grippy tyres on a reasonably powerful bike. Recommended.

    You can get much cheaper tyres, particularly if you ride a 2fiddy, and 2fiddy tyres tend to last heaps longer too as there's much less power to tear 'em up.
  3. I paid $460 for Bridgestone 020 rear/014 front (crazy 16" wheel) combination, I've got around 12,000 kms and getting close to replacement. Includes two trips to Melbourne and back and a 1228Km one day trip to Tamworth and back. The rest, normal riding. (Oh, apart from chasing Farawayman up Reefton once.......)
  4. My Avon Azaro's ran $480 a set approx
    My recent Dunflop D205's just cost $450 set (loved the Avons but a upcoming trip needs harder tyres.
    Metzlers before the Avons were also excellent at abt $480 set but they no longer make the size for my rear wheel.

    edited to add costs include fitting/balanced. BUT remember its a question with no real answer, most of our bikes take different sized tyres. Can't really compare tyre costs for a 250 with tyres for a R1
  5. $300 for a set of Pirelli sport demons fitted and balanced on my zxr, I think the 18inch rear was a bit dearer than a 17.
  6. Are guys quoting tyres 'fitted' or just the base cost?

    If fitted I'm wondering if I'm going to the wrong place....for my GSXR the set of Pilot Powers I want fitted cost $570

    I'm a bit strapped for cash so will go the el cheapo Dunlops for now, still they are $450 a set with fitting...not cheap!
  7. I just paid a total of $485 for Pirelli Diablo rear and Pirelli Diablo Corsa front fitted....

    I get about 10 - 15000kms from a set normally, so about every 4 to 5 months...

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Hmm yeah mate, I was quoting fitted prices. Check if you can get a Netrider discount anywhere close by.
  9. I had a set of GPR70's fitted recently (Good Tyres)
    they cost fitted and balanced,

    Front 110/70/17 - $145
    Rear 140/60/17 - $177

    I'll probably get bt45's next time tho because i'm pretty sure they are dual compound and hopefully would last a bit longer with day to day commuting but still be grippy on the sides.
  10. That was Action Motorcycles in Sydney, I assumed they were pretty good as far as Suzuki/Honda dealers go.....I might shop around a bit more now.

    Any suggestions for dealers in Sydney?
  11. My last Pilot Power rear cost 240 fitted.
    I got 9500 km out of it. Inlcuding a hard 2500km run up over the top of the Snow's and down the coast with a fair bit of weight on board. I am still on a front Pilot Power at 12500km though it is now near the end of its life.
  12. Yeah you are....just got a set of Pilot Powers for my R1 for $480 fitted....

  13. might be good to add tyre pressure into this discussion, since i'm still not sure what is best
  14. Yep, tyres need air pressure alrighty.... ifin ya don't put air in they look flat on the bottom, my mate tells me dats the only reason he puts da air in.
  15. so deflated tyres wear out quicker?

    whats optimum for street?
  16. If this is a serious question then yeah incorrect pressure wears tyres REAL fast. What is the correct air pressure ?

    How long is a piece of string..

    Depends on many things most importantly your individual bike. What does your manual recommend ?

    I run mine at 39 front and 42 rear, but I have a tourer and its 300 kilo all fueled up not counting all of me and my gear. We are talking 430-450 kilo. Now thats a whole different ball game to someone on a Across 250.
  17. My quote (above) is 'fitted', including the levy for disposal of the old tyres as required by the NSW EPA.
  18. The guy I bought the bike off can't find the manual :roll:...I'll have to buy one, or research it on the net.
  19. I can get Michelen tyres directly from a whole saler... and I fit and balance them my self... whooo Hoo I get to save a whoping $100 a set!! these days the markup on tyres is so little...
  20. Ok so all we need is for one of these very helpful members here who owns a bike like yours to look it up and let us know..... how easy is that :grin: