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what does a back tyre cost for your ride?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by 2troo, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Not wanting to make anyone jealous.. but I found a 4 inch nail in my rear tyre last week, just an inch from the right side edge.. the tyre was new.. i had it replaced with a new one within half an hour and it cost me a total of $60 bucks.. cool huh! :cool:

  2. What bike to you ride?

    I have a Pirelle on mine and it was $150 fitted from TJ's in Braddon. I think I should get about 10k out of it.
  3. Tee Hee :rofl: It must b a Malvern Star :rofl: :woot:
  4. Try 280 fitted :? Thats for a Z rated tyre though. 300kmh I think there rated to.

    Around $280 for my Hornet 900
  6. Sell the scooter mate. :LOL:
  7. yeh, you're right, if I found an old nail in my tyre, I'd replace the nail straight away too... oh, hang on, did I read that wrong... :p :LOL:

    190/50 Mich Pilot 2CT road... $250 fitted
  8. I am same as you my friend.. :evil:
  9. Top marks Buggarr :applause:
    Good you didnt give it away too soon phizog! :LOL:
    Everytime I think I will get a bike.. the skoot just comes in good for me...
  10. Man, I paid the most so far! $320 fitted (BT021 though, bloody good tyre).
  11. i don't buy rear tyres otherwise i'd be broke at the rate i go through them :(

    poor boy stunt riders use 2nd hand tyres from sponsors :LOL:
  12. Just got a new set on my H9 and the rear was $222...................got 12,000 out of the same type, so went with that again!

    BTW front cost $140
  13. Nice! What brand?
  14. Bridgestone Battlax........not as sticky as Pilots 2, but I am happy with the wear I got out of them.
  15. Mines got battlax's and I ride really sedately. I'll be lucky to get much more than 7000 k's outa the rear.

    I'm gunna try the Pilot road 2 next.
  16. 07 R6 i think it was $230 for the front and $270 for the back (I've only needed to replaced the back due to a puncture!)
  17. Got a joke for y'all.

    Had a nearly slick, grippy as hell supersport rear tyre on my NSR250. So I get around to selling off the last remaining bits and pieces to a young bloke with another NSR. Sell the tyre for $100 to him. Comes back a few weeks later wanting a refund. A mate of his had a look at the tyre and says "you were ripped off. That tyre is completely worn.":jerk: So he goes and throws it in the bin. :facepalm: The tyre had done 350 k's.

    What a moron.
  18. What a legend... :LOL: :LOL:
  19. About $290-300 fitted for BT-021 Bridgestone. I get around 12,000 kms out of mine too, but I'm S L O W ...... :LOL:
  20. BT 015 285 fitted.

    99 zx6r