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What do you wear under one piece suits?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by dbrain, Sep 16, 2015.

  1. Hey guys,

    Just wondering what people tend to wear under one piece leather suits.

    I recently purchased an Alpinestairs Atem gimp suit, and have tried it with a tshirt and boxers on. This works ok, but the inner lining can rub a bit on bare skin, and a tiny bit of sweat makes it near impossible to get on / off.
    I was hoping for some better suggestions.

  2. Compression wear : like skins or under armour etc.
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  3. You really wanna know?
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  4. Ah, that makes sense. I was thinking of trying something like that, just didn't want to throw the money at it without knowing for sure (a lot of shops want $100 for each bit).
  5. I bought some Shark compressionskins. I've seen a few bad review of them, but I like them, they fit well and make everything more comfortable, plus they were $39 a piece (Facebook special comes up from time to time)
  6. 2dads has the answer..... back when I was younger and slimmer I had my wife make me a one-piece liner suit for under my leathers. Dealt with all the scratchy issues, but it was a beggar when you wanted to go to the toilet :LOL:
  7. WIfe forgot to install the butt flap?
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  8. That's harsh :LOL:
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  9. Is this what you're talking about: 2 piece | 1 piece.. or same thing diff link ? Pretty decently priced compared to the other stuff I'm seeing from sports shops.
    Anyone know of a cheap place in Melbourne to purchase compression stuff?

    Thanks heaps for the help guys! :)
  10. I don't know about Melbourne, but I bought mine at Big W......
  11. Oh, that's easy, will check them out tonight. Be nice to have something for this weekend.
    On a boat for the next two weeks, so want to give the bike a farewell ride in my new gimp suit.
  12. Yes. I bought the two piece set.
  13. Awesome, thanks. Will order these if I can't find anything in store over the next couple of days.
    The reviews on the one piece are good, but I'd prefer to have the two piece.
  14. One piece may be a little more comfortable, but two piece makes going to the toilet much easier.
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  15. Thanks guys. Ordered the Shark one here ($58 with postage if anyones interested).
    I also went to Big W and grabbed some of the throwaway thermal stuff they had for $10 a piece, when they failed to have any compression leggings etc., that'll be good to have for cold days at least.

    Tried on the gimp suit with the thermals on.. soooo much easier to get on and take off, and so much more comfortable.
    Glad, was a little iffy about sizing before. Still a bit tight on wrists when fully zipped up, but that should move a little with time / I'll get used to it.
  16. OK, you wear a one piece, as far as I am concerned, you look like a POWER RANGER!
  17. Go go, Power Rangers! I look pretty fcuked in general, figure the one piece at least protects me at the same time.
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  18. Power Ranger is a more acceptable image than Gimp I think. ;)
  19. Ok ok ok. I wear old spice and 4711! ;-)