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What do you want for Christmas

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by brett5141, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Hey Guys,

    If someone said they were planning on spending $100-150 on you for Christmas what would you ask for?

    Whenever I am not allowed to buy things I have millions of things I want, now I am being asked I cant think of anything!!!


  2. I want a race stand for my bike, I'm sick of hoisting it onto car axle-stands all the time :LOL:
  3. something to fit in your huge boot.. do you have a decent pair of summer gloves?? what about a tinted visor for your helmet
  4. "world peace, sigh"

    Oh, sorry, it has to be achievable.

    $100? enter the caption competition and you could win a $100 voucher to gobike.com.au, hit the rellos up for the $100 in cash and buy something worth $200! :LOL:
  5. What i want is what im getting but cant have it till xmas .
  6. anything bike related...

    Ventura Pack
    Race Stand
    Tinted Visor
    New Tyre/s
    Down payment on advanced riding course
    Pack Rack

    These are all things I want, will buy eventually :p

    What sort of gear do you have? Maybe add to it?
  7. Ask for a gift voucher from your favourite bike shop, then you can have the fun of shopping for an item and have the flexibility of adding extra money towards something.
  8. Thanks guys much appreciated, am thinking I may get a voucher towards an advanced riding course, good fun and will hopefully learn something as well.


  9. all i want for christmas is a muffler...... :(
    though i doubt that i will be getting it.... maybe if everyone chipped in $5 bucks i think i might be able to :LOL:
    any one??? any one??? :wink:
  10. I want a bike cover
    Rjays bag
    and a new pair of wet weather pants
  11. a (full size) 9ft malibu and my bike fixed so i can ride it again
    But it aint gonna happen unless I buy it for myself :(
    saving is impossible....

  12. i want a new set of gloves and a bodyboard and lucky me im getting them both
    id say merry xmas and happy new year but ill wait till xmas eve and nye
  13. i HAVE to get me one of those!!! thats freakin awesome!!!!

    i went shopping tonight in the city for my xmas present.. my folks are buying me a bag for my ventura rack to take to tassie when i go.. found 1 i like so im picking it up tomorrow so mum can put it under the tree.. would love a tinted visor too.. other than that.. im happy with whatever comes.
  14. I'd ask for my bike L's....

    at least i could then take bikes for test rides or hire a bike for a day!

    Oh, all i want for Christmas is my two front forks....etc..
  15. id love to get my Ps but i also have so many other things i need to spend the $ on... id ask for cash :(
  16. -Race Stand
    -Bike Fixed :(
    -Car Fixed :(
    -2nd Set of Draggins (These ones smell :( )
    -Summer Gloves
  17. pfft. you have to wash them less often. that way they built up this layer of stink resistance and the bad smells just cant attach themselves to the draggins.

    like mine.