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What do you use to clean foam filter?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by cash, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. n00b questions...

    Just wondering what do your use to clean the foam filter?

    A bucket of water with some dish washing detergent? or there is some washing liquid you have to use specifically for foam filter?

    Also, when applying foam filter oil.. (silkolene spray type), should I just spray over it quickly or should I go over a few times.. reason I am asking.. it might affect air flow if the oil on the filter is too thick?

  2. depends on the type of filter oil and the type of foam.
    mostly petrol, then detergent, rinse with water and let dry. then re oil.
  3. I put a K&N on mine, so when I bought the filter I bought the cleaning kit too.
  4. there's usually instructions on it the box.
    or just rinse with warm soapy water.

    I bought some can of spray that was labeled ok to use on foam filters
  5. Lube the filter inside a plastic bag and U wont use too much oil.(Or make a mess)
    Squeeze the filter to get full coverage, and by doing so the excess oil will run out.
    Petrol is a no no! the glue that bonds the filter will fail.(and the foam)
    Warm water and detergent is better. A suggestion is try 'Rockoil Water washable Foam filter Oil' is so easy to use, easy on ya skin and washes out without residue. try it- it makes the whole job simple.
  6. I've got the Unifilter.. So, I gather I can just use Warm Soapy water to rinse it and then reoil it again when dry?
  7. I think I used petrol or kero to clean mine.
  8. Petrol is a bit harsh on the glue used to stick the filter together. Just dip it in a small tub of kerosene, squeeze most of it out & then into a bucket of warm soapy water. I use a bit of truck or car wash for detergent. You will find that plain old detergent & water will not break down the filter oil (and the dirt /dust that its holding) The filter oil just happens to be waterproof for a reason (in dirt bikes anyway)
    Gently squeeze out the water -don't wring it to death or you will break down the cells in the foam, & hang it on the clothes line to dry for a couple of hours. Buy yourself a spare filter so you always have one to pop straight back in & are not off the road for 1/2 a day. Buy some good quality filter oil & heres a tip -buy a pack of those disposable latex gloves. Good filter oil will not come off your hands unless you wash them in petrol or kero. Just throw the gloves once you're finished & everyones happy
  9. Kerosense is the go. Best way is to stand the filter up in a tub of kerosene and let it soak for a while. The dirt will fall out all by itself after a while.
    Repco sell K&N filter oil by the way, just spray it on!

    Regards, Andrew.