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What do you think?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by The_brick, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Message

    From: Abia, Bernard
    Received: 18/06/2008
    Subject: LAY FUNDS

    Message: PALMERBernard Abia
    Attorney at Law (SAT)
    Rue des Oliviers, Blding 014H,
    BP.01120 Lome-Casablanca, Togo

    I take the liberty of writing you this very confidential mail. I implore you to give it your maximum attention as the contents are in absolute good faith.

    For avoidance of doubts, my name is Barrister Bernard Abia, I am a full time practicing lawyer registered with the Togolese Bar Association as well as a Member of African Independent Financial Advisors.

    My purpose of writing you this confidential mail is hinged on the fact that; I was personal attorney to Mr. ROBERT LAY, nationality of your country. Precisely on December 30th,2003, while returning from Accra Ghana after a weekend holiday at Labadi beach Hotel, my client and members of his family (wife and daughter) died in ghastly motor accident by running into a stationery Trailer without warning sign along the Togo/Ghana Express way.

    After his death with members of his family,due process was followed to alert members of the public and any relation of his through Electronic Media Obituary Announcement both in the local television station here in Togo and Ghana. Also I took personal steps to announce his death through internet advert but yet up till this moment of writing no surviving relation of my said client ever came forward.

    Right now his Bankers has written me requesting me to contact any serving relation of his for the purpose of transferring his estate in the sum of 10.2 million Us Dollars.
    Due to the pressure from the Bank I decided to present you as the next of kin to my said deceased client and to further ask your hand of co-operation under utmost confidentiality to claim the outstanding sum by presenting you as the Next of Kin of my late client.

    Needless to reassure you that as a Lawyer and personal attorney to my late client, all the necessary information and documents that will sufficiently prove to the officials of the Bank that you are the next of Kin to the deceased shall be obtained legally from the probate section of the High Court.

    I would therefore request you to give this letter serious thought and get back to me urgently. You can also reach me through this email address for more information bernard_abia@hotmail.fr

    Bernard Abia
    Attorney at Law (SAT)

    Yer I know its a scam
    but how many people would fall for this
    Oh and I do have a cousin called Robert
    But last time i seen him he was living at the beach out of work :oops:

  2. I think; you should have watched Futurama last week :LOL: :LOL:.
  3. Well if you had that 10.2million, you could do the same!
  4. I like the originality of putting an obituary on the television and internet advert, but not in the newspaper! :LOL: :LOL:
  5. There are so many things wrong with that letter, I wouldn't know where to begin. :LOL:
  6. What do I think???? :shock:

    If you honestly are questioning the validity of the email then I'd request that you send me some of the drugs you're obviously smoking.

    Quickly! :p
  7. What she said!
  8. Jeez Brick he said confidential, if you are not careful someone else will get in on the deal. :roll:
  9. Putting on the electronic voice of Joshua, the WOPR computer in WarGames . . . "SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?" :grin:

    The game is, lets email Bernard on his hotmail.fr email address and claim that you have heard of his search for the next of kin of Mr Robert Lay, claim that you are a relative blah blah blah . . . even go as far as setting up a (fictious name).lay@yahoo.com.au email address. :grin: .

    Points goes to those who gets the most number of email exchanges and best PWNED punch line at the end !!! :LOL:

    . . . I wonder if I can get Bernard to setup a Facebook page ! as a good will gesture to prove his association with the Togolese Bar Assoc.
  10. Micky you sir are a cad! :LOL:

    Love it.
  11. I got this lady in my team cant mention names mainly for proffesinolisim. She is one of those people that are as stupid as a door-knob and not much better looking.

    She received an email much like this one but with one difference... There is a tax to recive this amount... The tax was $10,000...

    She sent them the money and never heard of them again!

    I know I shouldnt laugh but... :rofl:
  12. +1 Very nice work.........
  13. Whats a cad ? lol

    Anyway, Mr Randal Lay will be in contact with Bernard tonight.

    For Bernard to get my account details ( . . . NOT ! :LOL:), he would have to recruit Ninjas and Pirates on Facebook and reach a rank of Admiral Pirate or Master Ninja. :rofl: . . . furthermore he has to set up a photo album, list his favourite music, education status (yes, to confirm his Bar Association) and to subscribe to add OWNED! application !


    This is going to be Gold if I pull it off !
  14. cad


    Old-fashioned, informal a man who behaves dishonourably [from caddie]

  15. Micky, you've definitely got too much time on your hands.
    Might I suggest you set up another hotmail address for yourself so nothing comes back to you own email. I know people who have had a lot of fun doing what you suggest but it generates a lot of spam as well. (They seem to pass addresses of those who respond on to their mates).

    Keep us posted... :popcorn:
  16. I thought that was familiar - I went back through my deleted mail and found this.

    name is Barrister Tomas Zagali, a full practising lawyer registered with the Togolaise Bar Association as well as a Member of African Independent Financial Advisors.

    < snip>

    I doubt if you are possibly related to my said client. If yes, better; but if not, then we can work together under utmost confidentiality to claim the sum by presenting you as the Next of Kin of my late client.

    Tomas Zagali


    Tel: 228 924 1598

    Alternative email address. Tomaszagali@hotmail.com

    Ask your bloke if he knows Tomas - after all they're both members of the Togolaise bar association and the African Independent Financial Advisors... :LOL: :LOL:
  17. randall.lay@yahoo.com.au <---- thats the fake address.

    Might even use Loz's over the shoulder arse look as a profile pic !
    :rofl: . . . there are plenty of those pics floating around.

    Bernard's Facebook profile will be used as the medium for communications and transactions - for all you guys to see ! :grin:
  18. I agree with Dougz, and i am going to his place now, to await delivery. It's gotta be good stuff.
  19. Micky let me know of the out come
    I really could not be bothered with scum like this
    only posted it ,cause maybe someone out there in net rider land might think hmmm Money and not listen to sense

    But anyway give him hell from me
    and if he sets up facebook let me know :grin: