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What do you think of wireless broadband?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by katcando, May 5, 2007.

  1. Im looking at getting wireless broadband as my business is mobile.
    Im thinking wireless modem as it seems to be the cheaper option for how I use my internet. I think.

    G fast is $49.95 pm for 1G plus 15cper meg additonal use
    I use about 1700 mg a month so does this mean I gotta pay
    and extra $105 per month?

    or Wireless mobile for $80 per month for 1G

    Am i understanding this correctly casue that is expensive.
    Anyone else use wireless, what do you think?

  2. Is that Telstra rates (judging by the 15c/mb) I'm guessing it is. Maybe compare those rates to 3 or Vodaphone. I don't like wireless internet, but that's mainly because I had a bad incident when it was fairly new.
  3. When I was working down in Melb I got wireless with iBurst Chilli (sounds painful) :shock: , as I was only renting in Melb and wanted coverage at the airport too.

    I think it was $74.95 per month for a 1mb download/345k upload service with 1Gb peak/1Gb offpeak.

    Coverage was good and I always had a connection. I picked up a laptop card for around $249 from D1ck Smith I think.


    Was the best deal I could find out there at the time, maybe some better now though ? :-k
  4. Check out Broadband choice and frequent their forums at Whingepool and ask a few questions. Telstra love their excess usage charges, but if you want reliable service (anything other than Metro), you might be stuck with them. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate with them and they do have the option of changing things to win a deal.

    Broadband Choice
  5. clarification: wireless broadband as in WiFi (on the ~2.4ghz)?

    or wireless broadband, like the CDMA EVDO/1x ----> nextG type?
  6. this is Telstra next G. I wasnt aware there was anything else available.
    AAANd I got no idea what WiFi is.
  7. ok, well, seeing as i am a bit of a know-all :oops: :LOL:

    i used the minimax for the last 2 years on EVDO (CDMA) and it was ok, slow in rural areas but ok.
    now we have the NextG stuff, and where there is NextG phone service, there is some fast wireless to be had :grin:

    1 mobility, even in rural areas
    2 speed, much faster than evdo, and more reliable
    3 functionality, its pretty fancy especially with its position locating system
    4 if you cant get another carriers 3g content in your area, there is no competition on the market. NextG has far greater coverage overall.

    1 if you cant get another carriers 3g content in your area, there is no competition on the market. NextG has far greater coverage overall.
    2 pricing is much higher than static/lanline or wifi(you connect to it via your wireless lan adapter) based broadband.
    3 no phone service = no net
    4 costs ~$300 to get the modem, i got the minimax for free 2 years ago.

    all my work is mobile, nextg has been fantastic. but, i dont pay the bill ;)
  8. Not sure how long you can wait, but there will be more competition in that area in the medium future.

    Optus will start building a 3g network using the same technology that NextG uses.

    Even if you sign up now, I guess you can expect prices to drop once there is more competition??
  9. http://whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=414129

    Commslogic I know to be a really cheap service but it's gold coast and logan based. If you were in that area though they'd be the go.

    Places like clearnet and mcmedia may be possible to cover your area. Most of the wireless infrastructure is inner city (and especially inner sydney). Usually coverage will only go around a certain town with a company - to get coverage for a greater range then you normally have no choice but hellstra.

    These are just a couple of examples mind you.


  10. Hopefully.

    I have a NextG mobile. When I moved house I was using it as a modem til my ADSL got reconnected.

    To use the phone to surf the web, get email or whatever is darned expensive based on the "pay as you go" method of a few cents a kilobyte. I did a test, once. Merely opening the phone and selecting the browser, then cancelling it (by closing the phone) cost me about 20 cents.

    When I got the phone I configured the browser with some favorites. That exercise cost me nearly $60 on my first bill.

    When I moved house I got a $30/70megabyte data pack. That got used up in the first two days. Nothing excessive, just checking emails, browsing a couple of websites, inc. Netrider and downloading about 700kb of text data (Usenet newsgroups).

    The phone connects at around 236kbps. Nothing like the "fast" wireless broadband that Telstra was hyperventilating about. Still, it was heaps faster than the loan dialup account that my ISP provided during the interim.

    Until prices become more affordable, then I can't see myself recommending any sort of wireless internet to anyone, particularly if it's for home use. Of course, if you're rich and can afford to piss money up against the wall, then by all means, go for it.
  11. Yes I work for the big T.

    Next G will give you the greatest coverage and speed. But it is not as "cheap" as some. But cheap is not always cheap. 3 have a plan that on the face of it is 1/2 the price of Telstra but the sting in the tail is this, when you roam outside the 3 coverage area you roam onto Telstra GPRS, all good lots of coverage, a bit slow maybe. Now when you roam you will pay $1.65 per MB, I worked out that if more than 5% of your traffic is roaming you pay more than you would if you chose Telstra! :shock:

    Optus will have a wireless broadband network but they haven't even put the build out to tender yet, so expect a couple of years at best before they are anywhere near Telstra and I am sure we will continue to invest.

    PM me if you want. :grin:
  12. Beat me to it!

    Whingepool is a great resource!
  13. Ive had a look at this. The posts are still to technical for a technaphobe like me.
  14. i dont know the cost of it, but cross threading here....


    this is pretty fast for a mobile phone i reckon...

    (Palm treo 750 - bluetooth modem connection, to NextG)
    high latency is due to wireless connection between pc & phone.
  15. I dont want internet on my mobile. I want it for my laptop or pc as I travel. Im looking at a mobile modem as it cheaper and I can set it up in melbourne as well as shepp.
  16. UNWIRED sucks dogsballs ! . . . stay away from it !
  17. lemme 'splain it better.

    if you have a nextg handset, the high speed data capabilities of the modem you are considering purchasing are built in to the handset. also, the same datapacks/pcpacks are available to whack on them.

    i could get a nextg pcmcia card/usb modem and also use a phone for phone calls.....or kill two birds with one stone and use the phone as a phone when i want to, and a usb/irda/bluetooth (see, more connectivity) modem when i want to surf on the lappy.

    this IS using my laptop for net, and the phone is the modem.
    yes, i know, its a treo that can perfectly access the internet in its own right, but its better on a big screen.

    edit - also, when it is in modem mode, it will still ring if someone calls :)

  18. ....not when someone else is paying the bill ;)
  19. Depending on what you want to do maybe a Blackberry device would suit.
  20. G'Day Kat,

    I think the simple answers are:

    If you want mobile internet connectivity in and around Shepparton and/or Victoria/Australia then Telstra is your only option for the next couple of years. Read any contract terms carefully, and make sure they are to your advantage at the end of two years. i.e. No contract longer than two years, preferably only one year.

    If you really need 1700MB download per month, you will need to negotiate a monthly rate that includes, say, 2GB of data. You do not want to be paying Telstra's excess usage charges, as they can get way out of control. If you can use a wired connection for some of that 1700MB, do it. Perhaps negotiate broadband at home and Next G together, to get the best deal. I assume most of your usage is to do with the business, and so is orders, inquiries, and organising events. That should be fairly low usage. If you also send and receive photos of garments for repair etc., do you need to view them while mobile? Could the customer be asked to send smaller files? Are there other ways you could reduce usage without customer service suffering?

    As 2wheelsagain suggests, perhaps a Blackberry would do what you need. I believe that individual Blackberry business services provide some level of data volume management as well, in regard to downloading large messages, sizing images etc.

    So Kat, tell us what you are trying to achieve. Maybe someone can suggest exactly what you want. :grin: