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What do you think of this deal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Judge Geoffrey, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Can't find any decent gixxers in NSW or ACT but came across this one in Melbourne:

    Click here!

    Provided it's got log books, is in perfect condition and wasn't a demo model I think it's a pretty good deal, what do you guys think?

    What about the fact that I'm in Canberra, can I hope to get free freight out of them if I pay full price with cash or should I try negotiating?

    Gonna give them a call in the morning.
  2. Buy me a plane ticket and I'll ride it up for you! :)
  3. Ride it up yourself!

    Since you'll be doing warp 9 on it anyhow the trip should take about 5 minutes, and 3 of them is doing up your helmet.
  4. Jetstar/Virgin to Melbourne is SFA when you're buying a $15K sports bike.

    I'm serious... catch the right flight, and you'll be down there for under $90
  5. Yeah you're right. How long is the ride from Melb to Canberra?
  6. Depends how fast you ride :D

    1300k's Sydney to Melbourne... so maybe 800 / 850k's From Melbourne to Canberra[?]
    That's an 8 hour ride pretty easy.

    I'd probably fly down the sat morning and ride it back in 2 days... unless you just want to blast it back in 1 day. It can be done I guess.
  7. melbourne is 4 hours drive from me and canberra is about 6 hours away.
  8. $120 airfare
    $100 - $150 accomodation
    ~$100 petrol

    Might end up costing the same as freight but with much more hassle.
  9. Personally id one of two things -

    Id make it a weekend trip ( at least ) and head down with some mates from here to see some of the boys in Melbourne, getting someone else to drive, and then ride the new girl back.. no pun. :wink:

    That was your sorta killing two birds with one stone and having some fun while doing so.


    Just get it freighted up. That way youre not doubling your expenses through losing a day a work and having to pick it up. youre just paying the one cost. Remember youve also got to look at your opportunity cost of actually making the trip down and back.

    oh, and in the car it takes around 7.5hours when your take it easy...
  10. I drove from Melb to Canberra a couple of weekends ago, 7.5 hours driving time. The roads are much better on the Vic side of the border.
  11. :shock:
    I think I sat on that bike yesterday :p
  12. I just did melb to syd it aint 1300 its 900k's and canberra to melb is 250 of that from memory its really not to bad.
  13. That is a sweet bike Judge Geoffrey, and if you fly diwn in the morning there is no reason why you can't pick it up that same day and ride it home. Back in my youth I did Syd to Mel in 8 hours, so anything is possible. But then again you won't want to loose your licence the same day that you get it. On the other hand freight is hastle free, and your not immediately putting 1000 ks on the clock. But if you do opt for freight, negotiate the price of the bike, then ask how much for freight, then see if you can negotiate that price to.
  14. Sold yesterday. :(