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What do you think of this deal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jorditzu9, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Well i finally got rid of the cbr125r thank god, and now iam shopping around for a 250

    only want to spend around 3k and ive come across this.

    Used Motorcycles For Sale - Buy and Sell Used Motorcycles Australia - bikesales.com.au
    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...2 604 1428 4294967259 4294967094 79&silo=1400

    this guy said he will sell it to me for 2.5k, im tossing up between this and a zzr250, i heard great things about the reliability of the cb, all the zzr's thats i can find in brisbane are around the same money but all of them have around 70k's on them which i think is too much,

    the bike is owned by an old chap who cant ride it anymore and has full service history.

    what do you guys think.
  2. That's not a CB250 like you learnt on.

    Looks like an imported Hornet... which is faster and cooler and more awesome in every way, except for insuring it and spare parts availability.

    I'd buy it for a learner bike.
  3. The Jade is an alright learner bike.
    Straight 4 250cc with a reported 38-40hp (varies between reports).

    I have ridden one once and found it smooth enough, but like msot straight 4 250's takes a bit of wringing on the freeway.

    $3k for a good nic Jade is a pretty good deal.
  4. yeah it is the imported version, apparrently its quicker and is a 6spd, cant find much info about it on the net, but yes it does look alot better then the normal cb250 i rode in my test.

    with 47k what should i expect within the year in repairs?

    still it should be able to sit on 110 on the highway with a little more in it to overtake etc, unlike the 125!!
  5. also, should i be steering clear of imports, alot of people are telling me to stay away from it
  6. :-s

    that doesn't look like the imported hornet, you will be able to tell as the imported hornets run a 180 rear tyre have the same frame as a hornet 600 and use a cbr250 motor and not the cb motor....i reckon keep looking
  7. The aussie version is the variable timing version (has red top on the heads) so has better performance at higher rpm.

    But this would use A LOT more fuel then the ZZR.
    Its also easier to get parts for the ZZR because they are released in Australia.

    If you want to have a no hassle bike with a little less power get the ZZR if you wanna spend more money and have a hard time looking for parts (if you need them) get the Hornet thingie.
  8. I got my ZZR, and haven't looked back. They're a great looking bike, great fuel economy (getting 360-380ish km per tank, right down to the last bit of reserve.) Parts are easy to get, I've been to Vicwreck a few times now, and they've had plenty of good quality second hand parts. And if you drop it or don't like the colour, you can get a whole set of replacement fairings on ebay for $600, plus p+h. One vote here for the ZZR.
  9. If you're sick of the 125 already, it wont take long to get sick of the 250. Get a GS500 or ER5, I bought a 2004 with low k's for $3k. Bargains are out there and it'll last your whole P's restriction time no worries.