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What do you think of this CB250?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by AtraVita, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. This could be my first bike if things work out, I'm a 17yr old female looking to use it for commuting.

    Found this CB250 2002 model at a nearby dealer, was being sold for $4990 been put down to $4500.
    Its got 1200ks on it Rego due in May
    3 month dealer warranty
    Small scratches on mirrors/clutch break levers (not from a drop, more like too tight a space)

    They're asking $4700 with another 6 months rego added.
    (this is also were I'm getting some of my gear, so I'd get a discount on that)(ALSO, I discovered I know someone there who's going to try and bring the price down on whatever i get there)

    Any adivce would be a great help :)
  2. Post up some pics and name the store. The local Sydney members might know of it and be able to give you better info that way.

    On the face of it, it sounds ok. The CB250 was never a very special bike, it's just transport and for some a good learning tool. My girlfriend hated riding them when doing her license so it doesn't suit everyone. The big factor here is that you need to ride it and have someone you trust who knows a little about bikes to also ride it. If it feels like crap it probably is, and visa versa.
  3. Hi.

    I got my zzr250 (2002), under 20k kms for 5 grand from a dealer, and its a much more expensive bike. Anywhere will give you a discount if you ask for it, eg. I bought 800 worth of gear from a random bike shop and they gave it to me for 700, so don't use a discount as part of the bike negotiation.

    BUT you can talk about included gear. Eg. $4500 with a 300 helmet and 300 jacket thrown in would be the deal I'd be looking for.

    To give you an indication of what you can get privately for that price:

    05, like 6000kms.

    If you don't feel comfortable buying privately, think about taking a bike friend with you who knows what they're doing (and that particular bike if possible), and if you decide you want it get a mech inspection from bike mechanic before you buy it - you can use this report to talk down the price.

    Good luck, let us know if you want someones help to check out a bike eh.
  4. phizog this has only got 1200 kms on it. It is practically brand new.
  5. If this is the twin cylinder CB250, then the price looks about average for the model but a slightly better deal because of the ultra low mileage. At the moment (at least here in the west) you can get a new Yamaha Scorpio for $3990 on the road with 12 months factory warranty.
  6. An average of 200kms a year. No thanks! Sitting around not being run is worse than average kms a year imo.
  7. I think that's a bit expensive for a 5-year old specimen even if it has minimal mileage. Considering you can now get a brand new Scorpio for less than that.
    All things being equal I'd rather have a CB250 than the Scorpio, but things aren't equal. One is brand new, one is five year old...
  8. I forgot to mention that it was from a rider training place, so it was regularly ridden, just not very far. And thanks phizog for that link.

    A friend of mine who knows ALOT about bikes will cheak it out with me hopefully if I do want to get it, and him being such the cynic he is should drive the price down a bit.
  9. BAD. Learners abusing the bike at constant low speeds, very very bad for the bike. And short trips = engine doesn't get a chance to get fully up to warmth before getting used.
  10. Rider training is like 95% stop start, and the majority of the riders are pretty bad on the clutch.
    Not sure, personally I wouldn't touch a bike from them.
  11. ...good point.
  12. Give it a miss. Spend your dough on a second hand VTR250. Heaps better bike, fantastic for commuting and will keep you interested for longer.
  13. I'm sure you could find a vtr250 for that sort of coin if you looked hard enough. cb250's are ok, but pretty basic and no where near the level of the vtr. And an ex riding school bike? Wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole :LOL: I reckon get a vtr, the hornet250 is a nice bike too :cool:
  14. Basically, take a look through the garage to get a pretty good idea on learner bikes. The majority of the naked 250's are fantastic, And generally pretty cheap. I would avoid faired bikes like the GPX (mine) due to the cost of repairs.

    The other option is a LAMS bike, but again, the 250s really are just fantastic bikes which are cheap and easy to repair if something does go wrong.
  15. also consider a Suzuki GS500...i picked my '05 up for 5k with only 7000 on the clock from a dealer

    I think it and the VTR250 would be the best 2 'newish' learner legal bikes for the $...(i think the vtr250 looks a little better/sportier), but they are both solid reliable bikes that should be pretty easy to ride
  16. I sold my 2001 CB250 for $3500, with 26,000kms on it.

    I think $4700 is too much.

    I'd offer $4500. And ask for a free helmet.
  17. AtraVita, I'd join those suggesting you give this bike a miss and keep looking. The low kms sound great until you realise, as someone said earlier, that they're probably 1200 of the roughest km done by any bikes anywhere, over a long period. I think there are *much* better bikes that will be more reliable for you, more fun to ride and a better introduction than that specific bike. Just my opinion of course, and you'll have fun whichever bike you end up with.
  18. I rode a cb250 for a few weeks and had a ball on it, loved it, in fact very fun and easy to ride.
    Shop around , price is a bit high. Goodluck.
  19. This VTR and more particularly this Bandit that came out of a pretty perfunctory search on Bikesales are better bikes for less money, just as an example
  20. Ah so, ex-leaner's training bike. Give it a miss. There are a few decent brand new bikes for less dosh. The Scorpio being one, the CBR125 also in the range.