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What do you think of drink riding?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abvc, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Dangerous. I won't do it

  2. I'll do it. Only in the worst case scenario

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  3. Why not?

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  4. I love it. I do it whenever the opportunity comes

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  1. hi guys, i'm wondering what's your opinion on drink riding

  2. It's stupid.
  3. What, riding a bike isn't dangerous enough already???
  4. In anything close to normal situations I wouldn't do it.

    It would have to be a matter of life and death for me to even attempt it (so I voted for 'only in the worst case scenario').
  5. Define drink riding: do you mean riding over the .05 blood alcohol limit, or do you mean riding after any drinks?
    Personally, I have a limit of ONE drink if I am riding, and then only if I can't get out of it another way.
  6. There's an article from an old motorcycle magazine, from some time in the 70's (guess) when the very idea of drinking and riding didnt outright repulse everybody, where they took a bunch of their staff, set up a track in the parking lot and hit the piss to test the effects of alcohol.

    Aside from being a hilariously written article it was pretty interesting. They had a bunch of different skill level riders, ranging from ex and current racers that tested bikes for the magazine, right down to beginners who were more into writing than dragging a knee.

    Stubbie after stubbie, lap after lap, they kept note of lap times and crashes.

    Beginners improved for the first couple of beers (put down to getting better at the set track rather than beer being a help) but then turned to shit in a big way. Lots of crashing ensued.

    Their hired guns, ex-racers and the like, saw almost no effect in lap times even after 10 stubbies. They did however test reaction times, and everyone suffered equally. Performance of the guru's was put down to running on auto-pilot/muscle memory/instinct/whatever you want to call it. In a traffic situation you'd still be stuffed.

    If someone can track it down, I'd love another read, but that was the general gist of it.
  7. good question man. It is up to tipsy feeling. But, as a law abiding citizen hopefully everyone feel tipsy before the 0.05.
  8. that would be a good read

    i can imagine drinking will increase guts hence more lean angle, but too much drink == too much lean angle, which means 90 degree leans :LOL:
  9. I know a few people that have the attitude "At least I'll only kill myself"
  10. Anyone who seriously picked this one is a F'king Drop kick, that deserves to be stripped of their licence & their bike given to a good home.
  11. Well, in Australia, Drink Driving has always meant driving when over .05(as far as I thought anyway), so I would assume drink riding is riding when over 0.05.
  12. Where exactly do you want to go with this?

    Cause I can't think of why anyone would say "It's fantastic I love riding smashed" except to stir up the Netrider Safteycrats (And I usually like nothing more than seeing that happen). But even this topic would be like shooting fish in a barrell.

    Are you really bored?
  13. have you tried? you'll be amazed how it let your body flow... with the bike
  14. Or does it just feel that way?
    In reality, alcohol does have the effect of destressing you physically during the intoxication phase - it is well known that drunks survive plane crashes etc. because they are less tensed up. But it also dramatically slows down reaction times, it clouds judgement of threats, etc.
    The whole problem is that while it may feel more flowing, you aren't in a position to judge that properly.
    Compare it to fatigue. Years ago I was driving home from a very full-on cage race meeting at Winton on a Sunday night, very weary, and thinking to myself how smooth the trip was going. My mate in the passenger seat said afterwards, "I could tell you were tired. You weren't driving as smooth as you usually do.You were jerky and slow to respond."
    The problem is, you're judgement is impaired. What you think is enhanced feel is in reality an illusion.
  15. I wouldnt do it. When I drink I already feel like im walking side ways... If I were to ride when drinking it mush feel like.....errr....dunno and probably wont try it.
  16. I find practice does the same. Smoother, feels faster, everything slows down... the only difference being that you aren't delusional and you're ACTUALLY riding better. :wink:
  17. I dont see the harm in having a light beer if you're going to be there for an hour or more.

    But I wouldn't personally have more than that.
  18. Drink Riding ......sounds attractive

    ....well it would have 10/13 years ago when all it would have been was another way
    to get to and from the pub .....as the car didn't always have fuel :roll: :LOL:

    And getting home when the legs didnt work ............twas always easier
    to jump in the cage and figure if i can sorta see it was all ok ..........

    So back then if i had a bike back then i woulda been thinkin the same way.

    But now older wiser Married with Kids i think a little clearer :cool:
    (well most of the time)
  19. Vote: I love it. I do it whenever the opportunity comes

    Bit hard to drink while ya riding, but once you get the knack..

  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: LMFAO :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: