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what do you think it means?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by shady_knife, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. what do you think it means when a fellow rider pulls up next to you and points to their blinkers a few times?

    what would you do?

  2. 'Look, my bike's got blinkers!'
    Give them thumbs up!

    .. or maybe they were trying to tell you that you left yours on?

    .. or that you should use them more often?
  3. It usually means to check your indicators, ie you have had yours on since the last time you changed lanes or turned at an intersection.
  4. or maybe he was telling you that you forgot to use them. I'd check if any of my blinkers were on, and if they weren't, I'd crack open my visor and say "What are you on about?"
  5. i was the one doing the pointing... just wanted to check most people would understand.... as he didn't... even after nodding at me.
  6. Oh right. so what was the go? he had left them on right?
  7. yeah, he left them on. the right one specifically.
  8. Undertake him and switch it off as you pass
  9. i'm not bothered... was trying to help. i wasn't angry... merely attempting to indicate "hey mate, you're blinkers on" not "oi **** your blinkers on you ****ing reject"

    it was a single lane road. no merging right... and it was on through at LEAST 2 sets of traffic lights and 1 roundabout.... i first saw him just before the first set of traffic lights.
  10. A NODDING THREAD!!!! I love nodding threads.

    Seriously though, I've been in the same situation Shady. It left me perplexed too. I eventually decided he must have thought I was admiring his bike because he seemed rather pleased with himself when I pointed. There was great mirth and merriment as I watched him ride down the ride with his indicator left on feeling chuffed with himself. I figured if he looked down and saw his indicator on that bubble would burst with a resounding *pop*.
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  11. Hand pointing down and to the side opening and closing the fingers "open, shut them" style to represent the flashing is generally accepted to mean "You've lift ya blinker on". You might try that one next time if pointing doesn't work. There's always going to be some that don't get it though.If they don't take the hint, leave them be. You can't ride everyone's bike for them so you may as well get on with enjoying your own. :)
  12. I'm new to riding & even I'd take that as a "You left yer blinker on" gesture.

    Isn't the universal signal to open & close your hand a few times?
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    I use the extended opening and closing hand. Has worked every time. I used to do the same as the op, but it failed a few times. Even if they've never seen the open closed gesture theres nothing it can be mistaken for. Pointing at the indicator can look like a flat tire, or "i wanna go down on you".

  14. Ahhh.. that's where I've been going wrong. I always just point at their knobs.
  15. ...you're blinker fluid is leaking.
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    Pointing at the indicator can look like a flat tire, or "i wanna go down on you".


    ...classic :p
  17. You do see it a lot. Doing the blinky with the fingers usually works.
    Shame really as it's an open invitation for someone to pull out on you
  18. yeah might try the opening hand thing next time.

    and no need to edit my post(s) hornet.
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    I can assure I am not the person editing your posts: as long as they comply with the Ts&Cs you can post whatever you like. If the thread us being meddled with, you need to look elsewhere.
  20. i would add 'mate' to the end of the sentence just to be friendly :p
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