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What do you think about these gears for First Time

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by iFrosty, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. So i was surfing around the net.. and yep i chose MCAS as my shop for moto gears... before i buy my first full gear I need your opinion... and this is base on a 1k-1.5k budget....First off:

    Pants: well heres the thing.. i would pretty much ride all day everyday... and i choose overpants... even tho its hot out side... safety is a must...... safety! :D instead of getting kevlar jeans like 5 pants for 5 days.. heck no! cost u like 1k >.> just get an over pants! anyways heres a list that i found and kindly please recommend which one is the best...


    http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=5999 (now i dont know if this pants has zipper on the sides for overpants)

    http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=6964 (now i dont know if this pants has zipper on the sides for overpants)



    Non Leather Vented Jackets:





    Leather Non Vented:




    (RJays are cheap but people says have good quality so if you think these gears are bad feel free to suggest a good equipment :D)

    Yeh i dont need to list it as i know what to get...


    more of a casual: http://www.mcas.com.au/_product.php?section=1&prodid=5937

    will look for more

    Helmet: Well same as the gloves.. i know what to get :D

    So yeh if you guys know any brands that are better and not that costy suggest it :D! help a newbie here :D

    (Will check this thread tomorrow.. goin to sleep now :D )
  2. If ya gonna get boots get boots not glorified shoes
  3. "Rjays are cheap but peoples says have good quality " < who the **** says that.

    Rjays stuff is shit. plus the prices you link for it are not exactly cheap.
    apart from that leather rjays sport 2 jacket which actually looks pretty cool, all the other rjays jackets look gay as.
    but that leather jacket has no vents, so it's really good for nothing. useless summer or winter.
    plus, heres a little experiment for you > try on a rjays leather jacket, then try on a dainese leather jacket. notice the MASSIVE difference in every way.

    shit and shinola son, learn the difference
  4. Did i forget to mention im a beginner? yeh thats a critical part... =="

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  5. i'm not sure how i could have stated my opinion more plainly, but i"ll work on it
  6. lets start with your choice of riding boots.>
    = gayer than a great big cup full of strawberry flavoured sperm with a little umbrella in it.
    will require white bobby socks to match and some denim overalls rolled up in the legs (neatly) to highlight your shaved and oiled calves.

    apart from that, i guess they're ok

    i sure as **** would'nt wear them on a motorcycle. because it would appear blatantly ****ing obvious that they are lacking in any of the usefull features that compose a decent riding boot.
    in fact one could be forgiven for mistaking them for a pair of tennis shoes. (morelikely badminton or shuttle cock in your case )
    do they even have a steel shank in the sole ?
    i'm not seeing a great deal of shin protection there, torsion control, toe or heel protection, ankle even ?
    bike goes down > ankle goes crunch > you emit high pitched squeeling, like a little piggy.
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  7. I too am a beginner luckily I have a few veteran riders around to ask questions and gain insight from.
    I am on a somewhat restricted budget so any gear I have is probably below par to alot of peoples opinions of what someone should have that being said I feel confident and safe enough to commute 70km each day.
    I currently have a rhino leather jacket with the ce approved armour.
    HJC helmet
    Icon Pursuit Stealth Gloves
    Leather firefighting boots
    after I pay for my provisional licence I plan on organising kevlar pants and updating my helmet and gloves.
  8. you travel everyday? I dont think kevlar jeans is a good idea if you're riding everyday... like i said maybe an overpants... leather ones with knee guard and hip...
  9. recommend something affordable then but with quality
  10. Being on the budget I am, I purchase my gear progressively so two pair of kevlars initially is two more than what I have now. The initial advice I got was get an approved helmet and gloves and then worry about jacket pants and boots and that is exactly what I have done.
    I know none of my gear is flashy at the moment but I am not out to look pretty I just make do with what I can afford till I can get better.
    I ride everyday as I got rid of my car shortly after purchasing my bike.
  11. preference anyway... i like overpants coz i can wear my casual clothes inside... + double safety against skin damage :D
  12. well, naive advice really.
    lower legs are by far the most likely part of your person to be injured if you bin it.
    should you be unfortunate enough to sustain injury, then the more you fork out now, the greater the chance of minimising the damage. which translates to less time of work, less loss of income, less strain on the family etc.
    no guarantees, all risk management. eg: foot might not sustain any injury whatsoever, but leg got lopped off.
    having just obtained a licence, would be well served booking an advanced training course asap. licencing requirement just dose'nt give you enough to swim in the deep end really.
    whatever you happen to be wearing only comes into affect after the fact. ain't going to assist in prevention.
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  13. Also my plan is i have a budget of 1k - 1.5k for a gear... full...

    so like i dont want to spend alot of $$$ on kevlars when i can buy a leather over pants with protectors since im going riding everyday.. also wearing jeans all the time.. for me? going to work not a good idea.. you have to change =="

    So yehr my plan is

    Get a Helmet Jacket and Gloves then after i get those ill go with the over pants and if i have left overs of my $$$ then ill buy boots... if not.. something sturdy i guess.. temporarily
  14. I agree with the advanced rider training course. I am hoping I can book into something near sydney in the near future as there is not much around here that I have been able to find decent information about.
  15. Can I ask you a question dude?

    If just in case i buy 3 Kevlar Jeans... Dont you think people would say ugghh... same jeans? all over again? (i know i know **** wut people says safety is a must) but yeah dont you think it'll wear off easily?

    whereas for example you are working in a bank and yeh u got a nice pair of pants and just wear a leather over pants with armor? or atleast textile.. wut ever your preference is...

    lets say a kevlar pants is 200$ each x 3 = 600$ where as you can get a good quality pair of over pants for abit low price than 600$.. + saves your skin from long slides especially highways
  16. Well being more of a redneck my jeans normally don't vary much anyhow just a couple of blue pairs couple of black pairs so I wouldn't notice much difference.
    If I were working in an office again I would probably just roll my work pants and carry them in my backpack and change when I got to work.
    I can see the benefits of over pants but I guess I just prefer the kevlar pants option.
    I must say thanks because I hadnt really looked at over pants too much but now I will before I make my next purchase.

  17. well mate... you got your point.. since its summer, over pants isnt a good idea... and like me... (im a teenager) we love styles... at some point im still choosing between jeans and over pants.. but yeh, since jeans are more IN it these days, i think ill go with jeans... style + protection... + you can have a knee guard.. but no hip protection.. in terms of burns from kevlar, i might wear something inside my jeans so that i can avoid kevlar burns...

    but hey! atleast kevlar saves you from high degree skin damage...
  18. iFrosty

    I asked a similar question (What gear to buy) recently and there are all sorts of answers there if you care to find the thread.

    The upshot, however, is that I found a shop (in my case, Springwood Suzuki in Brisbane) which offered great customer service and spent the time with me SHOWING me the difference between the textile and leather products, the various brands, fitting a helmet and so on. This sort of service is invaluable, rather than simply relying on people on the net who don't know your shape or size or preferences.

    Remember it's not just about quality is also about FIT.

    Anyway I ended up with textile jacket and pants (with seperate zip in waterproof and warm layers), decent boots, comfortable gloves and a Shoei helmet for around the $1500 mark.

    Again, go to a shop and get fitted.

    (As an aside: If they spend plenty of time helping you, buy the gear from them don't go ****ing around on the internet to save a few dollars. Plus that way you have local warranty support)


  19. WEll atleast these people around here are experienced.. not just a newbie ****head + obviously im just asking for an opinion.. tips.. and most of all im not gonna buy over the net.. im showing them the DESIGN... what they think of it... alot of people here, wut i show, they have it as well,, im asking for a review... im not that stupid to buy over the net >.>