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What do you say to people who question riding a bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by normace, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. G'day netriders,

    Since I got my learners and just bought a bike, my family and friends have been warning me of the dangers of riding a bike. In addition, some mates or mates of mates have told me horror stories of people they know who have had accidents while riding. And that's with my wife listening in on the same conversation... !! She doesn't want to hear those stories. Really bugs me.

    What do you say to people who bring you down like that? I mean since they are mates or family they do care for us but it doesn't help the situation. I'm sure you know what I mean.

    What do you say to them?

  2. I tell them it's the idiot car drivers who are usually at fault with those accidents.

    Then I tell them it costs me $9 to fill my bike with premium.

    usually shuts them up. :LOL:
  3. I know of a lot of people who have accidents or died as a result of driving cars - yet many naysayers will bag you for riding, but these naysayers often drive themselves :?

    Not a lot you can say that really will make a lot of difference - dazzle them with brains or baffle them with BS - your call :) They do care for you, I often answer back with 'so why do you think that' - challenge them on their thoughts - its prolly not you who has to change their thinking or choice of living!

    Try a forum search, you will prolly find some answers - good luck.
  4. Its funny how family and "friends" can be so unwittingly ill-willed, I remember those type comments coming my way many years ago and I vocalized my dismay at whoever said anything;

    My family were all riders at one stage in life and rarely made stupid comments, to others I just said ... get a life... (and usually didn't mix with morons like that for long anyway...)

    30+ years later, had a wonderful ride meanwhile!! :grin:
  5. They're right, riding a bike is dangerous. I'd be more concerned about their perception of your intelligence, if they think you need to be told that.

    If you agree with them, what else is there left to say?
  6. I usually question them with questions like "were they wearing all the right gear, were they at fault etc" Not many people will tell you that the rider was killed wearing all the right gear and was at fault in the accident.

    When they tell me to be careful i say "I am, YOU in the cars be careful!" Does get kind of annoying that you get told by 5 different people when a motorcyclist is killed on the roads, usually i can come back with did you see yesterday XXX car driver was killed to. Seriously there is like 1 a day.

    Oh and $15 for 3 weeks petrol changes them to "ooh thats good, maybe i should go get a bike"

    My dad was a rider and just said "i cant really say anything as i used to ride, just be careful"

    I would say to give the friends and family a few months, when they see that youve got that far without dying, they will have faith
  7. What's with all this "at fault" stuff? I don't think that's valid rebuttal.

    Doesn't matter a bugger who's at fault if it's the motorcyclist dies. The real question is, who lost?
  8. Its valid that not 100% of the responsibility is on the motorcyclist. They cant just keep saying how dangerous it is and not do anything themselves to make it any safer. They see it as dangerous and that's the way it is.

    Not at fault means that it isn't a part of motorcycling that they crashed, they didn't slide off around a corner, its that others on the road, the ones that are lecturing you, are responsible for many of these accidents.
  9. My uncle died getting out of bed; tell them to avoid beds.
  10. If you have to explain why you ride they'll never understand anyway!

    However as others have said people die in all sorts of ways, Cars, Trucks, Trains, Buses, Planes, Pedestrians, Work place accidents. People died sleeping in their beds during Cyclone Tracy.

    Also as others have said tell them that you'll be careful & ask them to do the same & help to educate everyone they know who drives that the life they're looking out for may yours!
  11. I always say something like, "no argument if I get in an accident i'm likely to come off worse than if I was in a cage, having said that, I have far better acceleration, braking and manouverability (even without countersteering) to be able to avoid said accident in the first place".
  12. If anyone tells me those things then im not an idiot, ill tell them, yes I know bikes are more dangerous then cars, ill admit that, no point hiding facts.

    but as people have mentioned, you look at stats, how many of those deaths, crash sect were by people on alcohol, drugs, un licensed, speeding and caused by cagers!

    Secondly I just tell them, iv heard it all before, I accept it, I don’t need to hear it again, especially from someone who doesn’t ride.

    But if any of my friends start riding I make them fully aware of the dangers, like I said, there is no point denying or avoiding the truth, but once you hear it once, you don’t need to hear it another 10 times from non bikers.

    Its nice of them to be concerned but there is a point where its to much!

  13. Very true. I know one person who was constantly warning me about how dangerous riding is (despite having never ridden themselves). Got even worse after my crash, especially when I bought another bike. That was of course until they ended up in hospital with worse injuries than I had after their "oh so safe" 4wd was hit by a light truck at only 40kph (my crash was at 100kph).
  14. i tell them to fcuk off
  15. They are dangerous, we are all going to die.

    Well eventually everyone does, some of us just choose to live a bit while alive.

    ps get new friends.
  16. I simply ask them how many people they know who have had car accidents, and how many people they know that have had bike accidents. When it comes back something like 4 to 1 in favour of car accidents, they usually STFU.
    And if they continue with it, I ask them what their pastimes are, find teh most dangerous one and tell them I think they are reckless.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Keep smiling :)

    Everything is dangerous these days - it's all about perspective :p
  18. Bought my wife a motorcycle in February. She fell over and broke her leg in August....dancing!

    But she still rides,...and still dances.
  19. One of the Bike mags reckoned you have about a 1 in a hundred chance of being in an accident on a bike. (a reasonably serious accident, not just dropping it).

    per hour it's less dangerous than horse riding.

    yes, it's dangerous, if you don't think it is, then you shouldn't be doing it.

    some people seem to have more accidents, some people get by for years without a scratch.

    all a bit unsubstantiated there, but hey, so i am ;)

    i love riding my little bike.
  20. Actually, more annoying and insulting than "it's dangerous" was the comment i got from a so-and-so who said "Motorcycles are boring". My response "have you ever ridden one? no? the STFU"

    It goes with the territory - you're doing something a lot of people wish they had the guts to try, but don't and so justify it by saying "oooh... it's dangerous".

    My parents and I have an understanding that we each know the others' position on the topic and it doesn't come up in conversation.

    Just smile, roll with the punches and feel sorry for them when you whizz past them when they're stuck in traffic. :grin: