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What do you prefer to wear when riding?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamvinhy, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. I've seen people wearing from leathers to shorts & singlet.. lol :LOL:

    what do you prefer?

  2. What I prefer? Well whatever safety I can buy that's comfortable. Leather jacket, gloves, helmet (duh), draggin jeans and riding boots.

    Do I really like wearing them? No. The air is very satisfying if you had none of that protective gear on, but riding without gear on is just plain stupid. So really its unavoidable with wearing good riding gear.
  3. I gear up everytime I'm on the bike... material pants & jacket with padding in all the right places, boots and gloves... call me paranoid but you can never be too careful.

    Plus, I'm amaze at the crap (dirt, oil, smoke, smell) that's on the road. I'ld rather my riding gear cop all the polution than my work / casual clothes.

    my 2cents
  4. So you guys that get fully kitted up in pants, jacket etc..do you just carry your normal clothes in a bag, and change at your desination?
  5. I think they wear it under the gear .. I knew a guy who does
  6. Depends on where I'm going... I always carry a spare T-shirt & wet weather gear under the seat for emergencies. At work I have a casual pair of shoes under my desk, I carry what else I want to wear in a tank bag and change before I start. I do wear Jeans under my riding pants but mostly shorts & T shirts.

    Dunno know about wearing jeans under a leather suit tho, leathers seem to be more tight fitting.

    Whatever you do, have as much protection on as you can afford.
  7. Full coverage is the way to go, even in 40 degree heat (just stop more often for refreshment if a longer trip). Helmet, boots, gloves, draggin jeans, jacket (with body armour). Puchasing proper wet weather gear in the near future. Have a back pack and tank bag. Usually leave my safety shoes at work and change out of my boots into those when I get there. Take my pants and a shirt rolled (not folded) in my back-pack, sometimes leave the pants at work and change into them/or out of them when I get there/or leave
  8. I wear either my leather riding jacket for dry days, or my dry mesh jacket for wet days. I have draggin jeans too, and I just put a set of waterproofs over them on wet days. On a wet day, its best to bring a change of clothes in a bag just in case.
  9. I like wearing my leathers. :D
  10. When I ride in less than or equal to 16 degrees it is leather pants and a gortex jacket with appropriate warm clothing underneath. Up to 27 degrees then leather pants or draggin jeans and leather jacket, over 27 then it is a mesh armoured jacket and draggins. Always will wear gloves,back protector :D :D and boots as well. If touring then it is my gortex jacket (armoured) leather pants gloves and boots. Will also have gortex overpants warm gloves and warm clothes in the tankbag or panniers
  11. Armoured jacket, helmet, kevlar armoured leather gloves, leather boots, draggin jeans (or draggin cargo's) if it's wet, add a pair of "overpants" that always stay in the "boot" or my backpack. Really cold weather, add a merino wool balaclava.

    A really short trip, I might wear jeans instead of draggin jeans, but very rarely.

    Don't have to worry about getting changed, cos my work is real casual, draggin jeans and shirt/t-shirt is more than good enough. Might take a spare t-shirt if it's hot.

  12. Normally a DriRider Mesh jacket and Draggy jeans with decent motorcycle ankle boots (ordered from the UK, they don't seem to sell them in Oz for some reason) and leather gloves.

    If I am fanging I might wear my leather jacket and pants with full-length boots but they don't really get much use since I got my DriRider, same goes for my one-piece leather gimp-suit.
  13. I wear all my protective gear such as leather jacket, riding boots and gloves. But I only ever wear jeans. I find leather pants too restrictive and makes my bottom look bigger :shock:
  14. I like to ware Dcpu pants and a light leather jacket & boots or if its raining & cold leather hands & dryryder jacket.
  15. I Agree that most womens leather pants made for bikes aren't that flattering. Before I got my bike I owned a pair of regular leather pants (much more flattering and not at all arse enlarging). I've found these are great for the bike! Definitely not as proective as bike leathers but better than jeans so I figure that's a good compromise :D
  16. The full shebang - everytime.....Full leathers, riding boots, back protector, etc etc....remember most crashes happen close to home or work!

    So far as work goes - well I look after Asia Pacific so only when I travel do I worry about suits etc.....At my Canberra office I just wear jeans and Tshirt....I carry my jeans in my backpack....And I don't give a rats about creases....

  17. Helmet - always, mostly my HJC full face, sometime the open face.

    Eyes - Wrap around sunnies during day. Bought a pair of goggles, but they look stoopid.

    Gloves - fingerless padded leather gloves

    Shoes - mostly my Cons, sometimes my ten-hole steel caps (good for kicking cages.

    Jacket - Mostly my leather "brando" jacket (needs new zip ATM), if i'm just running up the shops i'll go with a hoodie.

    Pants - Mostly jeans (haven't bought my Draggins yet, urban cammo here we come!), but have got no qualms about wearing shorts for short trips. Have also got a pair of dress leather pants that wear when I want to look like a w*nker.

    Undies - None of your f*cken business, needless to say silk boxers aren't the most comfy thing to wear when riding...

    Wet weather - over pants and jacket. Not bright yellow thank christ.
  18. Um....all leathers have a "baggy @arse"....to accomodate riding position....get used to it....no point compromising protection just for fashion sake.....besides the blokes will be thinking "phwooar!!! cool, a biker chick!"......

  19. Thanks for that tip A.G., I might just go out and do that. (Cant think why I did not thiink of that earlier ) :D