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what do you make of this? (ebay stuff)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vvp, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Basically they are probably scam artists. Notice that they have only been a member since today? Also if you read the ad properly they write buy it now only 6900 or whatever the price is. They are either someone that has no clue when it comes to how Ebay operates, or complete scammers who will ask you to deposit the money into an account, and then you will never see the money, or the bike again. Even down to the the whole email process... if you're ebay email account was full, you'd delete some stuff... steer clear.
  2. Looks like a scam to me, mabye email the guy and see what he has to say....

    That bike and house look VERY familiar but i can't pick where i know them from.
  3. I am not even considering bidding on this. I am in fact trying to sell my own r6, this is how I come across this one. I may still email this guy out of curiosity to see if I can see the bike. Presumably they set it up as a one day auction hoping that someone naive or overanxious would try to snap it. But who would be “smart enough” to buy a bike they haven’t seen from a zero feedback ebayer? Although you never know. People still get caught in Nigerian scams apparently.
  4. They also have this Hyabusa for sale at Buy it Now of $6000. :?
  5. I'm suspicious of the fact that I'm sure I've seen similar pics of bikes being sold on eBay - in the US. Note the suspicious lack of any rego label or numberplate on either bike (and the fact the "Hyabusa" is actually a TL1000) and that most of the photos are ridiculously small (the white truck in the background also looks suspiciously like a US-only model).
  6. Haha, I was the first to bid on it :LOL:
  7. Few short emails and you'll know.

    Ask for kms travelled, rego, vin number for Revs check etc.

    Then inspect.

    If not totally satisfied then yeah a scam

    Otherwise if everything is ok you never know....some people may need $ bad, happens all the time
  8. No need to bother
    12 hours low price
    no payment details
    or asking for wire transfer
    asking for email outside ebay channels
    it's 110% scam and not even Australian.
  9. I'm always suss on these ones that list toys on ebay australia and then list the buy it now price with AUD at the end.....

    And the bike's in Australia but they'll post worldwide..... I guess if you're sucked in, then it's your own silly fault! :p

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. evilooliver is right; if it sounds too good to be true, it certainly is.....

    PS I have a nice Harbour Bridge for sale, Sydney location, any inspection, successful bidder must arrange his/her own pick up and transportation.
  11. 1.Ask him for the Rego so you can do a REVS check or whatever the Viccy equivalent is. If he complies with this request and it checks out all good then proceed to step two. Provided you get a printed certificate (about $12) then you are legally covered in the even it does turn out to be stolen.

    2. Ask him if you can pick the bike up in person and you will pay on pick up (as you live nearby). If he says no ask him why?? Try an alternate meeting arrangement (again paying in cash on arrival).

    If any of the above fails or turns out suss then walk.

    But as the others have said 'to good to be true then it likely is'
  12. I sent an email to him/her early this afternoon with a ton of questions on it, most of the ones that have been mentioned on here. When/if I get a reply I will post it up.
  13. "if it sounds too good to be true, it certainly is..... "

    The above quote reminds me of a story I once heard about this lady in Mornington who had a porshe or something like that for sale listed at $5 in the local paper. She had only one person turn up who wanted some spares and who was surprised to find the car in absolute mint condition. He ended up buying it for $5. Turns out her husband had gone overseas with another woman and had written to her asking to sell the car and split the money with him. She sent him a cheque for $2.50. Could be an urban legend... but then again.... :cool:
  14. http://www.snopes.com/love/revenge/porsche.asp :wink:
  15. :shock:
    Damn google. It ruins all the good stories...
  16. There was a similar incident in Ballarat a few years back - remember seeing the for sale ad and my parents knew the person selling it. In this case though it was a Ford Falcon, a couple of years old, which they sold off for 150 bucks as part of a divorce settlement (in the free to advertise "for sale under 150 dollars" section). So it can happen, just doubt it's all that likely (especially since you'd probably find yourself being chased by lawyers for half of the "true" value of the vehicle).
  18. Email from the seller