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What do you look like in lego

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by stewy, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Sounds like fun!! Pity I can't get into the site because of the internet nazis in this place. :(

    :D :D
  2. What a HOOT; there's even a choice of having a bow tie (which I wear all the time!!!) Only weak point is that they expect EVERYONE to have hair, no allowances for we who are follically-challenged!
  3. doesn't work in Firefox. Damn IE written stuff
  4. Slightly OT, has anyone else tried the Star Wars Lego game, it is so funny!?
  5. Still OT.

    Has anyone seen the Lego version of the Camelot song :LOL: :LOL: (extra feature on the DVD of Monty Python & the Holy Grail)
  6. This was so much fun, I could not save it though :(
  7. Brigitte, make up your alter-ego, and then press the Print Scrn key on the top of your keyboard. The open Photoshop or Paint or whatever programme you use for graphics, create a new document and hit Ctrl/v to paste the image in. Then you can do what you like with it!!
  8. Quite odd is my anwser to your question
  9. Works fine in mozilla.
    Its a flash thing.
    Have you got the flash plugin loaded in firefox?
  10. yes it's one of the funnest games i seen in a while :D
  11. go to the hair section and click on the bald icon. There is also one there for those with a no. 1 haircut.

    The female section looked good, made the perfect lego woman :LOL: :wink:
  12. Anybody got the link to the lego game? And is there a link to the Camelot song?
  13. Thanks for the lesson Paul
  14. No link to Camelot as far as I know. I've only ever seen it on the DVD.
  15. the lego game i am talking about is on xbox and ps2 (i thinnk aswell)
  16. Well it doesn't work as in that the lego thing is about 1-2 inches high as opposed to full screen when viewed in IE. It's too squashed to do anything when I go to the web page in firefox
  17. I've found a link for the Lego version of Camelot :LOL:
    You can download from


    You can also download animated versions of the pen1s song from thThe Meaning of Life and the cheese shop sketch.

    As well as the Dead Parrot Sketch as performed by the characters from South Park. :roll:

    I haven't seen these yet though...

  18. I have, It's great.
    It's about the only xbox game I can get my gf to play.
  19. Oh that Lego game! Yeah seen it around xbox, thought it was rather cute, and put it on one of my things to do when I can be bothered doing it list #24057 I believe :roll: