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What do you look at when you get a second hand bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. I am lookin at a few CBR250R and I am unsure what to look for to know the rough idea of the condition of the bike.

    Also is it a good idea or a waste of money to get a mechanic to inspect the bike before you buy it?

  2. First you should ask for VIN/Chassis number Rego number and engine number to do a Revs check. This tells you if the bike has any fines or debts on the bike still.

    Ask if the bike starts first go, better yet go test ride it. Listen to the bike and feel for the friction point if you find it hard to feel maybe the clutch is worn.

    If your bringing the bike from another state you will need to get blue slips (NSW), RWC (VIC) which costs about $50. This is just a check up to ensure the bike is roadworthy so it can be re-registered.

    I would imagine for a mechanic to inspect the bike it would not cost too much and it could definately save you money from major mechanical problems in the future.

    Goodluck with the CBR250 :p
  3. hey...well because cbr´s are pretty old(most of them) i would definately get it checked by a mechanic...i bought my 1st bike 4 weeks ago and i got it checked...cost just ova $ 80 and saves you lots if somethin is wrong with it :? some things to check are:
    -check for oil leaks
    -check for good chain/sprockets
    -look at the brand and wear pattern of the tyres so you know how the previous owner used the bike
    -check out other similar bikes so you know how it should run/sound/handle/etc
    -check inside tank to make sure there is no rust...can b costly if there is... :?
    -also have a look at the platics and the fairings for scratches and other major damage
    -dont buy the first and only bike you look at

    all the best....cbr´s are good bikes :p
  4. All good advice, even if you don't go with a mechanic, take someone, anyone, even if they don't know jack about bikes. They might help you take a more rational look at the bike rather than just being blinded by a shiny new toy.

    Also look at brake pads, check pegs for scrapes, ask to look at service history and check suspension/wheel bearings (push bike up and down while seated on it with front brake on - does it seem spongy).

    It's worth looking at a top condition bike in a shop as a comparison, that way you'll have a benchmark (unless the flashy salesman cons you into buying it on the spot). Remember, there's always another bike. Happy buying.
  5. Thanks for the replies. So from what I've read here. Its a good idea to get a mechanic to look at the bike and a friend to give me a rational look at things as well.
  6. Theres a Netrider member you can PM who does these inspections.

    Also have Mouths sticky in this forum as reference you can use.

  7. Hmmm, Now the question is who does these inspections here?
  8. Thank you