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What do you know about the late 80's FZ750?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Abo Bob, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. It is an 85 model. Looks to be in good nick. Haven't taken it for a ride yet.

    The gear change doesn't give much feedback. Do you get used to this? I don't have a lot of experience so a nice notchy change tells me what I'm doing.


  2. They basically became the 1000

    Cricky it'd want to be cheap. Real long inthe tooth now and not the most desirable mid-80's bike
  3. But reliable? All I can seem to find is that some people thought they were underbraked and that a few people had problems with the hydraulic clutch setup.
  4. My Fioncee has one of these
    we bought it late last year
    it is Exceptional condition
    it runs so smooth and corners amazing
    the man we bought it of had owned it since it was 3 yrs old

    it is a faultless bike

    even i like it
    and i don't like sports bike's
  5. I've no idea why they were never really popular :? They were a far better bike than the comparable GSXR 750. Brilliant engines that have to be ridden to appreciate with pretty good handling & suspension for their day. Earlier ones ran a 16" front wheel while the later models switched to the more common 17" variety.
    All that really matters is how many km's said bike has done & general condition
  6. Thanks very much for that. I had found the first two by the time I noticed your post but the 3rd one is a gem. Thanks.
  7. Hey, hey, hey. Whatchit.

    I don't think they were a bad bike, just an indifferent one. To say they were far better then the gsxr is a massive overstatement. Depends what you are after. I think the gsxr won a race or one hundred more then the fz750. So clearly the gsxr was the superior sports bike

    If we were talking about the later YZF750, I'd concede they were slightly better.