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What Do You Guys Think Of These?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by wonderboy4, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Hey, I was wondering what you guys think of these no name sliders:


    or would you recommend the same thing in an oggy or shogun?(which I can't seem to find anywhere). These are delrin I think, which some on the net are saying is the best material but I'm not sure how true this is, so your opinions/experience are appreciated.

    Anyone have suggestions? because the amount of information and differing opinions I'm reading plus the fact that finding them (especially branded ones) seems very hard, is making this decision quite difficult!

  2. as long as they bolt to the frame and not the engine their ok.
    Also make sure they wont be too grippy, otherwise when the bike is dropped at speed, they can catch on the ground and flip the bike, causing even more damage.

    If you go to any Kawasaki dealer they should have some oggy knobs for sale around $180? Not sure on the price but you could probably haggle it down a bit.

    The ebay ones look pretty good to me...
  3. Don't give advice if you have no experience. How you going to make an
    assessment from looking at a pic?

    The quality is crap.

    When you come off with those fitted (& I'm talking about very slow speed
    as well), you'll still incur $$ damage to fairings & ask yourself what was the
    point of having em to begin with.

    I've known of Rated R in Perth for years & bought various shit off him over
    the years. Some items are not bad, but majority are overpriced and the frame
    slider in particular does not offer much protection.
  4. Would you have a suggestion for another brand or type?

  5. legit oggy brand, or insurance