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What do you guys reckon?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pezza, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Hey, well I want a new bike. Sick of my 250, bored of it and I think its a tad too old...

    Anyway went down to the bank today and got a $12,000 loan and I got my heart set on getting a Yamaha XT660X. Basically want a larger bike because I feel my little CBR is a tad small for me. Apparently I look stupid riding it too :p anyway the size of the bike is a plus, also i wanted a fun bike to ride so Supermotard seemed like a good bike.

    Dont want a full on SXV5.5 type motard which i have to service it every few hundred km's, want a practical bike with a relatively large tank.

    So is there any owners of the XT's or anyone who has ridden one who can let me know of how good/bad they are? They seem to fit what i want from a bike. So yeah just open for some opinions on the bike. Thanks.

  2. Well it would be a big change in riding style compared to the CBR.

    Remember 12,000 can buy a lot of other bikes and a lot of more expensive bikes that are only one or two years old.

    I haven't heard rave reviews about this Yamaha. People say it is like a commuter dressed up as a supermotard.
  3. yeah im not a fan of the tucked in seating position. Also dont want something with shit loads of power. Dont want to lose my license in the first week of having the bike
  4. Kawasaki Versys perhaps?
  5. Being fussy i cant stand the look of em :p Also im still on my restrictions for a few more months so i dont know if that is ok for the LAMS
  6. The 660 is a bit of a courier bike, not much of a motard, and has none of the off road ability that the XT's of old had. It's kinda like an expensive DR650, no offense to DR's. I would be looking at KTM640/625's, Husqvarna 610SM's, or if you'd like to up your price range, a 690sm/duke.

    When there's deals like this around, you'd be mad to get the 660.
  7. there's a little review of the xt660r in the latest australian road rider. they like it but seem to think the klr650 might be better value.
  8. algroover has a good point re the Er or even the Versys, they look good and are a great move for Kawasaki IMO.

    Pezza that's a nice amount of dough, can you give me an update on what you've been test riding and what you thought.

    (trading up soon myself, with a bit of luck )
  9. theyre not LAMS but check out the ktm 640's or Husky 610's. id be on one of them in a flash if i was gonna spend that dosh on a tard.

    a hell of a lot more bike than the 660 yammy's. they both have good service intervalls and you can pick them up reasonably cheap second hand with low km's
  10. What those blokes said. I reckon you can get a lot more for your money if you want to go the motard route. The XT would be a top notch commuter, the couriers love 'em, but the specificaion level's pretty disappointing.

    That bike devotard linked to looks magnificent, otherwise if you're thinking more all-rounder, most people who ride the DR650 suzuki enduro/tourer reckon it's the duck's guts.
  11. yeah i would love a SM610 look so good. not sure if they are LAMs or not though?

    Another thing Motards are pretty hard to find second hand
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  13. yeah i like the 400's but the 7ltr tank turns me off. I know im fussy as
  14. Doesn't seem like a wise investment for a borrowed $12k to me.

    I can imagine in a couple of years time these things will be worth about $6k second hand. By then you'll only have paid off $3000.

    Owing %150 on an asset after 2 years of payments is really bad. Even if it's worth $9k (which I can't see) that's really bad.
  15. I'll go one up on that one.

    IMHO borrowing/financing for anything that depreciates like a motor vehicle has bad news written all over it - especially if its not a necessity.
  16. have atleast twice what you borrow in the bank is a good rule of thumb. Its how i do my loans. The interest i earn on having the money, combats the interest i attract by borrowing half of it. Obviously it keeps the figures status quo, if you ignore things like inflation etc. But its a simple method and it works.

    Oh and pay every cent you can afford too off debt.

    In regards to your choice of bike. Why waste 12 grand on that?

    I get my fulls in a month...and i cant fcuking wait, and im hunting for a new bike now. Im aiming to get either a 600cc supersport or yamaha r1(yes yes i know im a poser...and i want the blue) for 6-7 grand.

    I think you would be better off turning your cibby into a track bike, and riding it into the ground, if you want to have fun, the xt isnt the type of bike you buy for 12 grand...its the type of bike five years from now, you buy for 2 grand.
  17. Fantastic bike, but I think the price is stuck in the old dollar range.

    12 grand can buy you a hell of a lot of bike second hand, or even a runout model. I love that style of bike, but I think you don't get much for your money.
  18. let us know the outcome pezza

    whatever you decide on, post us an update and include some pics.

    I really liked the look of the Husky....
  19. A motard is a fantastic choice. nice and comfy, fun to ride and will teach you how to ride, unlike a more powerful bike that lets you be lazy with the throttle.

    That said, i've heard that the XT660X isn't the best bike (i've got a 96ish XT600). Pretty heavy, and have some reliability issues. My suggestion would be a DR650. You can get them brand new for about $8k. Add $2k for wheels (which leaves you with the stock wheels for dirt riding) and around 800 for a full system exhaust, and you've got a damn good motard. No comparison to a SVX550 or SMR510, but you'll also do 100k kms before a top end rebuild, compared with about 10k km for those highly strung things!

    The other good thing about the DR650 is that there are plenty of them about, which means bolt on accessories are cheaper new, and more plentiful second hand, than for an XT660X. When I finally wear out my Xt600 I think I'll be going th e DR650 route.


    (ps the DRZ400sm is probably not the best choice. don't get me wrong, they're an absolute blast because they're so light, and will go *really* fast in tight twisty stuff, but they lack a bit of power, and even with a full exhaust will not be comfy doing highway riding. If you like the DRZ400, then go the DRZ400E and do a motard conversion - it has a pumper carb which give it significantly more power than the sm or s versions.)