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What do you guys reckon????

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by 2WHEELSNOCLUE, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I am in two minds about my entry into bike world, i have researched bike models and have had a wonderful amount of info thanks to these forums and your input, now i require some help with my crazy mind! so here we go

    ME - 32 never really ridden, a wee bit of dirt bike and not enough road riding to warrant saying i have done it!
    I have had my L's for umm, 14 years??? - and decided now is my time too get my license.
    I have booked in to do a course(qride) in May, which will hopefully result in me having my restricted license. The small amount of time i have ridden bikes i have felt comfortable on them, though u turns and figure 8's will need work i am sure + general info.

    So here is my dilemma.........

    I will be going for finance to buy the bike + the riding gear, i have been into a store tried on gear etc and pretty much have got a good beginner set up for $1500 - $2000 - thats foot through to head

    Now because i am getting finance and do not have Richard Bransons pay packet, i will be stuck with the bike for a while, i am talking years -

    BIKES - do i buy a Gs500 and ride after May


    Do i wait for 1 year and do the next course and get a 1250 Bandit and be set on this on for years to come.

    Just so you know, i am not a rev head, i need my license for work and wont risk losing it, and love my wife,daughter,(and sometimes the dog) so wont be a clown on it - so i think my head is ok, i guess it is down to ability and understanding the 1250.
    I am confident i can handle the weight, i do a hard physical job, and i am round the 100kg mark.

    So do i get the gs500 and love it for 1 - 2 years then grave more hp and not be able to afford it?
    Or wait 1 year (hey whats another year) do my big boys course then get the bigger bike?

    Would appreciate your input guys and gals, i know i sounds like i am leaning towards the bandit, but i am thinking of down the track, if you guys think i will kill myself, well the gs 500 will suffice.

    _ off topic a bit, when i get my first (lams ) license can i ride a bigger bike as long as accompanied by licensed biker, or doesnt it work that way?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. It all depends on how badly the bug has bitten and if you're going to be able to contain yourself as you watch the bigger bikes go by.......
  3. Quick tip about gear up here in QLD - as you know it gets hot. I personally have two 'sets' of gear - well vented textile jacket + draggins for commuting and general run about activities (keeps me cool and is very comfortable), and a leather jacket + thick BMW textile pants which is for my more spirited rides (or for that short period of low humidity, mild temperatures). If you only have the money for one setup I would recommend gear which offers a decent level of protection but also is cool and comfortable in our conditions. A dehydrated, overheated rider is a danger to themselves. (And I know those in the leather-or-nothing club will think me a fool for saying that, but I would rather good textiles I can wear all the time then great leather which forces me to squid in summer).

    Don't doubt the GS500 - sure, it is no where as big and powerful as the Bandit 1250, but it has plenty of poke - much better then most of the still overly popular 125cc and 250cc bikes out there. I personally would go the GS500 route - they are popular learner bikes so you wont have any trouble selling it in a year or two (to help finance that Bandit :wink: ), and you will learn heaps in the mean time. Other major benefits of taking the GS500 now is that they are (reasonably) cheap, reliable, cost crap all to run, and are very forgiving.

    Having riden for a year or so will also help you with the big boys course - rather then having to pay out the nose for a refresher course in a years time (frankly the costs are rediculous, that's what happens when you let private operators run the whole licence training system). And if riding for a year or two on a LAMS bike means you will ace the test with no trouble, imagine how good it will be for your ability to properly ride your dream machine =D>

    An I understand it, no. A RE licence is a RE licence - your learners permit allows you to ride a LAMS motorcycle under supervision of a full licence holder, then once you get your RE licence you can ride your LAMS bike freely. To hop on a non-LAMS bike you need to do the full R licence course.

    You are welcome :wink:
  4. Are you in NSW? Here we stay on restricted licenses for like 3 years and thats not including your time on L's.
    I went ahead and got a cheaper Hyosung GT650r and intend on paying it off before my 3 year p's period finishes and then upgrade to something bigger.

    Very similar situation to you as well riding wise, i go out on it and ride it to work every day during the week no matter the weather (i don't have a cage license) and im happy with the cheaper solution.

    Also if you have had your L's for a number of years and haven't acted to go to P's i would say you aren't very enthusiastic about Motorcycles and would go with the GS500.
    Also depends if you are planning on taking your wife or daughter on it? cruising to the beach on sunny Sunday arvo with the missus on the bandit sounds bloody good to me lol
  5. hi all,

    ty for responses,

    yeah point taken for my 12 year learners, i guess since i have not been exposed to bikes ( my mates arent into them) The bug dies down. Since been married and having a kid, and an awkward job hours wise, i find any hobbies i have had have dwindled away.
    And i think a bike would be great - i am in Qld (bris) my parents in law are round Eumundi, i figure i coiuld do a nice run there while my wife and daughter go up in the car. We do that pretty regulary, plus a nice hr long early morning weekend ride sounds like heaven to me too.

    In QLd only need the license for 1 year before moving up to full license ( as far as i am aware)

    As for two up rides - my daughter - no way...my wife, if she likes ( i hope so)

    will the gs500 be ok on highway 110kph? it wont harm it?

    GodPetMonkey - ty ty, ur info was spot on to the clothing gear place i visited and i am starting to maybe thing the gs500 will be the go.appreciate it thanks
  6. go with what your heart tells u to do champ, its your life, not ours :)
  7. show me someone who has not dropped, lowsided or highsided their first bike?
    yeah yeah, you wont.. you wont.. blah blah. Just remember this post!

  8. silly comment mate, ive had a few bikes, havnt dropped 1 yet (knocking on wood) and there will be plenty of more people like me
  9. I honestly can't remember reading a bad comment on Netrider about the GS. It may take a little longer than an unrestricted bike to get up to 110 but a 250 will certainly take longer.
  10. hi,
    Yeah agree with you, this site basically confirmed if i was to go with the lams go gs for sure - build quality, no bulls*#t , just a good solid bike.
    just dont have the budget to swap/upgrade etc, u think a gs will keep me happy for 5 years? i have no idea - i think possibly with my little experience?
  11. I have a young University student friend here in Wollongong. He's done all his riding on a GS. Every time I see him he talks about buying a GSX, but every time I see him he's still got the GS, and he rides the wheels off it up and down Macquarie Pass!!
  12. The GS500 will do 110kmph fine - when it comes to new road bikes it is really only the 125cc models that struggle (and even then its doable, it just isn't very enjoyable - but hey, they look fast!). Heading up to Eumundi you will get sick of the Bruce pretty quick anyway (one of the worst motorcycle stretches around - flat, straight and nothing to look at except pine plantations) - you are much better off going the hinterland route :)

    I touched on it before, but I don't think you should really worry too much about the GS preventing you from having enough money to buy a Bandit later on. A new GS500 is what, $7,500ish? A quick look on a popular bike sales website shows 3-4 year old second handers going in the region of $5,500 and above; that's half a new Bandit, and you don't plan on keeping it that long anyway. As I said you won't struggle to find a buyer - in a year or two there will be plenty of people in the same situation as you right now wanting to get on a bike - LAMS bikes have a captive audience, and there never seems to be a shortage of new learners. If you want to avoid most of that depreciation whack you could buy a 2nd hander, but hey, $7,500 is cheap for a new bike. You will find out eventually that economics and bikes don't really mix, but sometimes it helps, especially if you need to convince a significant individual of the wisdom of your riding dreams ;)

    As others have said you have to go with your heart, but in my opinion not getting a LAMS bike for your RE period because you will want to upgrade in a year or two is silly - its a bit like turning down a job offer because you want a better paying job in a few years time! Not to say there are not good reasons to hold off, but that's not one of them.
  13. Godpetmonkey,
    you are absolutely right, you have just givin me the wallop of common sense i needed - basically it goes like this....

    I am a learner, new to bikes,
    so i should get a learner bike!!!

    I will just have to wait for the "dream machine"

    The gs is a baby bandit anyhow lol

    ok ok, no one else write get a bandit, or my mind will spin.

    GS500 - safety first i think, thanks GPM (and everyone else)
  14. u could also go the ninja 650 and de-restrict it for that extra power when u come off your restrictions
  15. You can still get in alot of trouble on a GS500, but you are dead on the money, hopefully the time you spend on the smaller bike will equip you with the skills and experience so that you don't have those troubling moments on your big boy Bandit :)

    Building on what you said LAMS is in place for a reason - it wasn't all that long ago here that you could rock up at a QRide course, show you can do an easy U-turn and figure 8, walk out with a full, unrestricted motorcycle licence, and go pick up your brand new litre supersport. Unsurprisingly a number of these 'QRide specials' (as I liked to call them) came unstuck in their first ride up Mt Nebo & Glorious (which is where a young man, full of testosterone and in possession of a litre sports bike goes to prove himself). There is a particular spot at the base of that run where an ambulance would park itself every Saturday and Sunday. To be fair, the problem was as much in our training as it was in the lack of restrictions (and training is still a problem), but it was not a smart combination to begin with.

    Now, I am not suggesting you are a potential 'QRide special', you seem quite sensible from what you have said, but you gain a benefit too, and the experiences you have (complete with brown-trouser moments) will make you a better rider!

    As an added bonus the insurance premiums for my fully faired sports tourer have dropped like a stone since LAMS came in, probably because the insurers don't need to pay someone to sweep the chunks of fairings off the top of Mt Glorious every Monday :p
  16. Nothing against the GS500...... damn good bike and popular as hell but another to consider might be the GXSF650......... mind you, it has the fairings which you probably want but.... will cost you more if you drop it
  17. Get a personal loan for $5k, and buy a 2 or 3 year old GS500 with less than 30000ks and no obvious crash damage - look for add ons such as a rack and bag ($350 new). It will be hundreds of dollars a year cheaper to insure than a financed bike, the interest rate will be lower, there should be no early payout fees, and when you go to sell your GS in 12months time you will get almost all of your 5 grand back - if you buy and sell well you may even make a few dollars.

    Dont worry about reliability, just make sure it's got service history and it will be bullet proof. And dont listen to the BS dealers will give you about the value of buying a new bike, you will lose $2000 off it in 12 months. New you have to service it at 1000ks and 6000ks then every 6000ks after that, so in 12 months I can see you having pay the workshop at least twice. A used bike will be no worse except it might need tyres ($300) or brake pads ($60).

    Let someone else wear the deprecaition, for a short term bike it's just not worth it.

    Buy your dream Bandit new when the time comes, and keep it for years, you'll love it more often than the dog I'll bet!

    Good luck.
  18. Mate,
    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with going the GS500/F route. A very reliable, forgiving and fun bike to ride.
    Do not listen to many of the posts from others wholeheartedly - take them into account, but consider what is best for YOU. Remember, advice in these forums is golden, but each rider is different, from skills to sheer luck, whilst out there.

    I personally transferred from the GS500F to the GSXR750K7...and NO, like some have said, I NEVER high-sided, dropped or even scratched my prized GS500F possession, bought brand new. Be disciplined, methodical and review all techniques passed onto you in training, and beyond..and you'll be just fine. You will LOVE the GS500/F, just as I did.

    Best of luck with your choice of ride and safe travels mate,
  19. Ditto buying the GS 500, get a year or two's experience. This will also give you time to evaluate exactly what next bike will suit your needs and your style and type of riding.
  20. If he was in NSW, then that would not be the case for him anyway as he is over 25 years, with (which i assume) a full drivers license. In this case, you only have to do your Ps for one year, and skip the Green P stage.

    I love being 26 right now.
    Bring on July.