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What do you guys do when you see a L plater?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by undii, Mar 23, 2005.

  1. Well I've noticed lately dudes on quick bikes seem to have something to prove to L platers? Twice lately on Nepean highway near st kilda (opposite directions) 2 bikes dragged me at lights? One was an R1 and another was a GSXR1000. They both lifted their front wheels and fanged it along the road.

    I noticed as I saw them take off at other traffic lights that they took off at 'normal speed' and only fanged it/popped a stand when we were both at pole position at lights.

    I'm pretty sure my VTR250 won't beat them in any drag unless they drop the bikes. :D Why do you think they did this?

    Oh yeah, the guy on the gixxer wore jeans, hoodie, no gloves + sneakers :roll:
  3. Amen to that brother.

    Dragging an L plater in a little 250 with a litre bike is like kicking a puppy, sure it's fun, but what have you really proved? That you can beat up a defenceless animal?

    (Note: I'm not calling Learners 'defenceless animals'...)
  4. Sound like wankers to me :p

    Personaly i'll give em a wave , or if at the lights i'll ask em how there going, if im going to overtake em i try and put as much distance as possable between us , eg: i'll drop into the next lane as i go past so the big twin noise dont spook em.
    So yeah , i like to think im very learner friendly.

  5. I think you'll find it's more about showing off than trying to drag.
  6. maybe they did it to just showoff, no big deal, for me i just ride normally, but, if it is a long empty road, i might do a wheelie, whether there is a learner there or not..

    It is when i get other larger sport bikes pull up the lights next too me and want to drag, i dont even bother, and dont think twice about them as there taking off at mach2, unless they do something to piss me off
  7. Would have been a couple of young guys, with far too much testosterone playing the ususal "look at me, I've got a bigger penis then you" game.

    Luckily i dont tend to cop that crap much, could be cause i dont have a penis.

  8. If in traffic I try and run protection for them from the cage drivers, normally do this by sitting back and to one side so that they can see me in their mirrors and the noise from the Duke may wake up car drivers. If I see on at a set of lights travelling in the same direction as I am I will always say gday. Often hard to hear any response over the Duke but that is the price you pay. If over taking a learner then I will give them as much room as possible and then wave as well.
    We were all there at some stage so you might as well be polite.
  9. Yep, wankers.

    If at lights I will have a chat. If they are on the side of the road, i will stop to see if they are ok. If going in an opposite direction, I will nod. I guess if they were flailing their arms about I would do a uey and go check on them. Haven't had to do that as yet.
  10. Strange, I would have thought that a woman on a bike would attract more of this kind of behavior. Its the subtle switch between 'look at me I'm better than you' and 'look at me'
  11. I have seen some strange things too. I have had wheelies performed in front of me by people in singlets and shorts. I have also had the biger bikes sit on my shoulder keeping an eye on me. I appreciate the later. I really have no interest in seeing someone wheelie. After he has wheelied away I mentally try to communicate to other drivers, "He has nothing to do with me".
  12. you poor unfortunate thing, what do you scratch when your at traffic lights?? :p
  13. Had a guy roll up to the lights beside me ages ago (I wasn't on L's but was on my trusty CB250), he on a XJR1300 Yamaha. Didn't seem interested in saying g'day, lights change and off he goes, front wheel in the air. I reckon he saw me as a threat off the line......
  14. There are a lot of people in various types of vehicles that do stupid things.. you won't catch me in a tshirt unless i'm in my car that's for sure.

    I gear up every time because I like having skin, it holds me together.
  15. I was dragged by an L plater riding a CBR 250 on the weekend.

    THAT was funny. Cue screaming banshee wail and CBR looking like it's travelling in slooow motion. It was actually a challenge to stay behind, they were going so slow.

    No, I didn't take the bait. I was very proper, shook my head and rolled my eyes theatrically (poncy bugger!).
  16. sit back and enjoy the show :D
    There is nothing like a big bike pulling a wheelie .
    they probably werent wankers, jst having a bit of fun.
    I love watching people pull wheelies away from the lights , they look great (right place and time of course)
    I even seen riders pop a wheelie to say thanks to car drivers , they gave the driver a nod to thank him for something then popped a wheelie away .
    enjoy it as they are harder to do then you think and it takes a fair bit of skill to drop a decent wheelie .

    as i said , just sit back and enjoy the show :LOL:
  17. Its better than being ignored, but how do you respond to it with a big 'L' plate and stabiliser wheels?
  18. When I approach a learner, do what I do, crank it open to 10000rpm and close as pass as possible and frighten the living shit out of them.....oh wait...forgot...I'm the learner...on a bike that stuggles with 100kmph...that's what they usually do to me.
  19. Not just you!! Doesn't matter what you ride there'll be someone out to have a go sometime.
    There's one particular ZX12 on The Monash that delights in swooping in front of me (and other) from behind to within a bee's dick and then powering off (I tend to stick to the limit on the freeway with only a few points left :cry: )
    That can be unsettling especially when you feel the draught ! But yeah, generally just sit back and watch the show.
  20. I think you were just the victim(?) of the bike riding version of a "Ricer"

    Just ignore em, as just like kids, if you react they think "wow, that got some attention, I'll do that more often"

    Me, If I come across a learner in car or on bike I stay back a comfortable distance, (hopefully taking some heat off the poor sod, hard to do on a toofiddy, lucky I'm a big ugly bugger :roll: )

    Overtake when safe (from the learners perspective) and give a thumbs up with the left hand when in front, encouragment can't harm. If we're side by side at the lights I'll try and chat, but not if it'll distract them, they might be under enough stress.

    I like to think I'm imprinting "bike riders are friendly" on the impressionable learner tintop. As the other tinops treat em like shite, they might remember the only person to be friendly was a bike rider :D