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What do you expect from a SERVICE?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by BugEye, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. I took my Triumph Speed Triple in for a 20k major service
    cost=$800! as apparently there is 7 hours of labour

    Now the bike takes longer to start up
    The gears seem to be a lot heavier
    They opened the engine and re sealed it with some red stuff! (It's a black and blue bike)
    They didn't re grease the chain
    and left finger prints all over the bike

    Now I would have thought that when yo uspent so much money at a Triumph dealer
    they could have respected the fact that I look after this bike externaly as much as internaly

    Or is that just a normal thing to expect from a service?
  2. Ok its a triumph but $800 is very high,major service on my zx9 Shims,all fluids replaced including coolant,dyno run,carb sinc,plugs chain cleaned and lubedplus bike washed and no finger prints $450.00.Best you have a look around i think :grin:
  3. Why did they open the engine case? Doesn't sound like par for a 20k service, so maybe thats where the extra cost came from? Either way, they don't sound too good.
  4. They opened it up because they thought they had to do shims, but turned out they didn't... either way this was meant to be included in the price if needed to be done

    I've heard that this is the price for a major service but I'm dissapointed with the hand over...
  5. Did you tell them? By the sound of their work they probably won't care [-( , and you'll just have to find someone better.
  6. You could make a complaint, if they know whats good for them they'll lavish you with gifts and women, and possibly a free minor service or similar. If they don't, go somewhere else.
  7. They opened the bottom end? Or did they just remove cam cover or clutch cover? You would expect those things to be opened during a major service, but I do think using a gasket goo to seal it is either very slack (should have provided you with a proper factory gasket at that price!) or a sign that you've got some additional leakage problems (in which case they may have had no choice).
    You've paid a bit over the odds for a major service IMHO. $600 would have been more like it, but it does depend on exactly what they did and what got replaced.
    No excuse for leaving it dirty and un-lubed, though.
  8. the cost factor is ok if thats what you were quoted
    the fact that the bike was left with dirty finger prints etc shows a slack routine and i would not be expecting or accepting such work monir or major service
  9. the cost did include all parts like filters oil etc.
    the only extra I paid was by my request, new break pads, sparkys etc.

    but i will complain abotu the state the the bike was returned

    I'll let you know what they've come back with
  10. So I got a call back from the dealer today and they've explained the questions

    Now the bike takes longer to start up - apparently this is the new tune for the bike it use to fire up too realy and potentially cause damage (triumph had annouced this a little while back)

    The gears seem to be a lot heavier - They'd have to see the bike

    They opened the engine and re sealed it with some red stuff! (It's a black and blue bike) - They use red so that people believe that they actually opened it up, he said it should easily peel off

    They didn't re grease the chain - they ran out of whie lube and used normal which looks dirty but said I can bring it back and they'll apply the white stuff

    and left finger prints all over the bike - They'll be happy to give it a clean if I bring it back

    So all in all not too bad
  11. Sounded pretty professional & courteous.
    No excuse for dirty fingerprints tho
  12. heavier gears is most likely due to the oil they used.. probably some cheap ass mineral oil that they get in 44 gallon drums... If u are confident enough, dump the oil and put in some decent synthetic stuff.. probably a 40/10 weight oil.. something like Motul 5100 (or if u wish to pamper your bike, 300v) :) .. Not only is a good quality oil good for the motor, but makes gear changing easier.

    Another reason for heavy gears is if the bike is not tuned correctly.
  13. They seem a bit better now but it's the from 1st to 2nd that is a bit of a problem I often miss! Never use to happen

    They did call me during the service and said they noticed I use better oil and asked if I want them to put the better stuff in

    So I'm hoping they actually did :)