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What do you do with your helmet?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Alguien, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    Im new to the road going bike scene and was just wondering what everyone does with their helmet when they go out. Do you all cart it around with you if you go to the shopping centre etc? I dont want to have to do that but Im also cautious about leaving an expensive piece of equipment strapped to the bike...

  2. I never leave it on the bike.

  3. 97% of the time i carry it with me on my arm (elbow) or just in my hand.
    2% of the time i put it on the helmet lock on my bike.
    1% of the time i go find somewhere to leave it safely and wander around after that.

    I don't like the idea of leaving my helmet attached to my bike either.
  4. I've got one of those backpacks that Andystrapz sells, it has a pop out helmet bag and a couple of straps for a rolled up jacket.


    I also carry one of his hemlet straps. It loops around the chin piece and you can sling the helmet over your shoulder, frees up your hands.
  5. My Shoei helmet came with a bag. I tend to place it in there to protect it and carry it with me.
  6. I've got a cheap HJC helmet so occasionally I lock it to the bike, but when at work it comes into the office with me.

    I'll shortly be upgrading to a sportsbike and noticed alot of guys hook their helmet on the rear cowl, is there a special hook for that? How is it done?

    When I get my iridium shoei helmet I can imagine it will not leave my sight as I occasionaly take my current helmet into the supermarket etc, its not a problem for short amounts of time.
  7. Personally I have a bag padlocked tonthe back of the bike and the helmet is locked inside there. ZZR 600's have the worst placed helemt lock in existance, not sure re the 250 and 1100's but the 600 is just friggin stupid.
  8. it's either on my head, in my hand, in it's place at home or in it's place at work... they're good for one good hit... i'd like to think my 'one hit' is there when i need it... I hate leaving my bike in carparks... i would never leave the one thing protecting my head... ( too many things you can't do without a head)...
  9. Like almost everybody else above, I never let my helmet out of my sight. The only exception is when I know in advance that I will be away from the bike for a long time. I then fit my topbox, (which attaches/detaches in 5 seconds with the ignition key), and leave my helmet, jacket, gloves etc in there.
  10. I lock my helmet to the bike unless just running in and out of somewhere.
  11. Never let it out of my sight; the inconvenience of carrying it around is less than the inconvenience of having to buy another one..
  12. I always carry it, i don't really find it that much of a problem + I tried attaching it to my bike once and it just ended in me getting angry with the bike and the helmet. :)

  13. I have much the same attitude to Mrs Incitatus :?
  14. I put the chain around the backwheel and lock it to that.

    Though after seeing the following at the bike show, I'm prob going to buy this.


    $100. Entire thing is chain around a soft carry container. Loop it onto the handlebar, and chain the chain to the bike.

    It'll stop all but the most determined thieves :)
  15. Kaer, that looks very interesting - where were you planning on buying that from?

    If you do get one, please post a quick impression/review of it for the rest of us.

  16. That pacsafe bag looks really interesting!!!
  17. The distributors are http://www.outdoorsurvival.com.au

    Any camping place that sells pac-safe stuff will be able to bring it in for you.

    Or online works fine.

    $89 from these guys. (+ $9 delivery)


    Still a fairly new product, but I expect it'll be in bike stores soon :)

    (Plus they also make a similar lockable tank bag & tail bag, though a little expensive)
  18. pacsafes...

    Those pacsafe helmet bags look fantastic.... Just putting in my 2 cents - I know that pacsafe make a great product too as I've got one of their massive cages for my travel pack for use when overseas and it works a treat - great quality stuff too! All outdoors/camping shops would be able to order them in for you too I would imagine....
  19. Thanks - I will check it out. Any idea how small they stuff down to when you are not using? (i.e. does the metal make it quite bulky) I ask because the bike I am looking at (RS250) has a pretty pissy under seat storage area