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What do you do with your helmet?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by oztom, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. When you’ve parked your bike what do you do with your helmet?

    Do you use the helmet lock on the bike (if it has one), take it with you or have a big mofo lock and bolt it to the bike.

    I found out my Hornet has a piss weak helmet holder, so for now take it with me.
    So I was thinking of getting a length of thin steel cable to padlock it to the bike.

    And has anyone had their helmet stolen from their bike?

  2. Lockable topbox for me.

    I used to use the helmet-holder on my VTR250, was never really worried about it so long as the bike was parked in a place with lots of pedestrian traffic.
  3. tend to take mine with me although if on a long ride just stick it in the ventura. not that into the stainless cable lock the bike has as if could rip it out if you felt like it.
  4. it all depends on where I am, If I am at work I take it inside, at the shops I leave it on the mirror or at the pub, cafe,restaurant etc I take it with me.
    Likewise, if I think the area I parked the bike is dodgey I take it with me.
  5. I take it with me unless i'm at a cafe living it up enjoying the view of my bike.
  6. Walking around with a helmet in your hand tells girls your hot and irresistible and that she should be asking for your number and a pillion ride.


    Serious note, there's a thread on this somewhere that had a heap of replies and solutions, search it (i cbf).
  7. i use the boot on the across, works a charm, gloves also fit in there :D. Though if I have junk in the boot, I just take it with me.

    phong =P~
  8. I take it with me when working always, but when going into the shops etc - helmet holder.
  9. Except at the Pie Shop, I ALWAYS carry it with me.
  10. I'm waiting on loan approval to get some of the finishing touches to my ride, like rego, CTP, and a new rear tyre. Locks and the like seem like a good idea to me, so I'll probably end up with a 2~3 foot length of braided cable with a lock. That way I'll be able to thread it through my helmet and jacket and walk off no worries.

    Until that day, I carry the lid with me.

    Cheers - boingk
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  12. take it with me. have had one helmet dissapear. :evil: never again.
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  14. Just go into your local bicycle shop and get a combo lock ,put your helmet on your lock and run the pushy lock through yout helmet
  15. On the Suzukis, it goes in the top box.

    On the Yammie it either goes with me or ... I have one of these:


    Mine's long enough to go through two helmets or one helmet and the sleeves of my riding jacket.
  16. i miss my Suzuki Across, lock it in the boot, go shopping, take helmet out put shopping bag in, ride home.

    now I just leave the hemet next to the bike if its a quick trip, btw its one of those $100 ones, its old and has a couple of scratches on it

    might get a new one soon, but then ill have to carry it around.
  17. I had an Across way back in 95. The boot was awesome for keeping the helmet and gloves in while out & about.

    These days its a pain. The Monster has a thin cable that u slip thru the chin strap and then attach both ends to a clip under the seat. Havent used it yet as i feel the helmet might get damaged up against that HOT exhaust.

    So i just carry it atm. Tha Kask-Lock looks alright though on ebay. just something else to carry though.

  18. It depends upon where I'm parked where I put my helmet.

    If I've got clear access to the both panniers or only the left pannier I put it in there, if I've only got clear access to the right pannier I put it in there :wink:
  19. This may seem a bit extreme, but I always carry mine with me regardless of where I've parked my bike.

    I'm admittedly a bit of a fusspot, but I treat my helmet like a sacrament - it's the only thing that protects my head from kissing terra firma in the event of an off, and I'm just too precious about leaving it with the bike in fear that it will get stolen or damaged, thus impacting upon its protective abilities.


    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  20. We've had several helmets pinched off bikes at uni. That's enough reason to carry it around with me.